Luther Vandross Hilarious Explained Why He Hated Women Throwing Their Panties At Him

Luther Vandross Hilarious Explained Why He Hated Women Throwing Their Panties At Him

However, our beloved Luther Vandross is well known as the man whose music is responsible for making millions of babies, he literally didn’t desired to solely be revered as such. In fact, in his biographical book, Luther,

The Life and longing Of Luther Vandross, written by Craig Seymour, he described in information why he couldn’t stand when lady threw their p’anties at him. What numerous may not familiar, is that behind Luther’s smooth, laid back, polite exterior, he was one cat who did NOT as sit back and accept whatever was thrown his path (drawers included), without speaking out about it. Tap that ‘next’ button to see how Luther explained his dislike for pa’ntie-throwers, his reacts had us crackin’ up over here.

Luther Vandross: “I don’t desired to be recalled in the context of the bedroom. I don’t desired to be in that bag. I want to be in the bag that added the best vocalists of our time, not in the bag with those who are bu’mping and grinding and talking about people’s thighs and booties and things.

That’s not fair to what I’ve tried so tough to work for. The music is about romance, yes. But it’s not about booties.” Luther was on a mission to make sure that his fans never behaved him like a singing se’x toy. This is what he told about the time.

a lady tossed her pa’nties on stage while he was in the middle of performing. He generally checked her in front of the whole crowd: And there it is folks! Luther was always one who stood his ground and had no trouble telling it like it is.Just question En Vogue, Bette Middler, or even his friends, Anita Baker and Aretha Franklin…all of whom at one point or other, Luther has called out when they did something to him that he didn’t like.

Luther will forever be recalled as one of the greatest crooners in the history of mankind…we familiar that’s a strong statement, but it’s a quite accurate one our my humble thoughts. On the flip side, Luther will also be recalled by those who knew him at the back of -the-scenes, as the brother who didn’t take no mess!


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