Lunch Lady Called In For ‘Emergency Shift’ And Is Gifted A New Car

Lunch Lady Called In For ‘Emergency Shift’ And Is Gifted A New Car

Nate Eaton of East Idaho News is the public face for an anonymous Secret Santa who is giving away a quarter of a million dollars in cash, plus a few cars. One lucky recipient of this sincere Christmas spirit is “lunch lady” Cheryl Stewart, who works in the cafeteria of Teton High School.

The school cooperated in arranging to surprise her. Her boss called her in on the excuse of needing her to work an emergency shift. In reality, she was greeted by a news team presenting her with a set of keys for her new vehicle.

Cheryl shrieked and teared up. She was ecstatic. Who wouldn’t be? A brand new SUV is a very expensive gift!But that’s not the whole story. See, Cheryl’s husband is currently unemployed because he has cancer and lupus. On top of that, her car broke down and she had to borrow a car from relatives to make it to work. She works a number of jobs on top of her school job to try to make ends meet in the face of the family’s current hardships.

She, herself is a cancer survivor. She also has surgery scheduled for Christmas break because she can’t afford to take a day off work. She’s already scheduled to be off when the school is closed that week. So she’s not in great physical condition herself.

For Cheryl and her husband, this is a much-needed break in a life that currently has been a case of “just can’t catch a break.” Reliable transportation is of enormous practical benefit, plus knowing there is someone in the world who actually cares is a huge psychological boost.

There are a lot of people out there struggling to make ends meet. Sadly, an awful lot of stories about “the most Christmas-y place in America” are about places that are decorated to the nines. It usually isn’t about a place where someone with money decides to genuinely play Santa for folks in need.


But this is the exception. This is not a one-off incident. Cheryl is one of many people in need in the community getting some much needed Christmas cheer to help her life work better for the foreseeable future.Does this story make you feel more hopeful and less Grinch-like? Do you know anyone who could use a bit of genuine Christmas spirit? Go ahead and send this to them now!


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