Love Jones Actress Revealed Her Serious Condition That Ruined Her Life & Career

Love Jones Actress Revealed Her Serious Condition That Ruined Her Life & Career

Think back to actress, Lisa Nicole Carson? She’s had a successful acting career. She’s descent known for her as Josie, who was Nina’s (Nia Long) best friend in the 90’s classic, Love Jones, and also for her roles on hit TV shows, involving ER, Ally McBeal ,

as well as in movies like Eve’s Bayou, Jason’s Lyric and more. On her most current roles was in BET’s N.E. biopic, The new edition Story, but Lisa’s most challenging role to date has presumably been her real life role of evolving an overcomer and a survivor.After years of the public hearing rumors about Lisa being extremely temperamental and hard to work with at times, it wasn’t until 2015, that she finally decided to speak out about a mental disorder she eventually learned was the root to her behavioral outbursts in Hollywood.

Lisa (48) understood that she is bipolar and that’s why her career has suffered over the past decade. She was shot from the hit show, Ally McBeal, as a result of her extreme mood swings, which destroyed her. She also was confessed to a psychiatric 2000 after having a a numerous number of bipolar breakdowns on and off set. A bipolar diagnosis was the last item she was expecting to listen from her doc, so it type of slapped her across the head like a sack of bricks when she found out.

However, Lisa is extremely thankful that she was able to get replies about behaviors that she simply could not understand at that time. Via People magazine carson speaks in depth for the first time about the bipolar diagnosis that nearly shattered her life and career.From the time I stepped away from show business in 2001 until now, I’ve been on a long, extremely complicated and challenging journey says carson. I didn’t know if I was going to complete it out.
I don’t really have an a choice to be silent about my disease,

although I wanted to be for multiple year’s carson reveals. But since I had a public breakdown, it’s something I felt I had to address. She tells people when you lose your mind it’s as traumatic as it sounds. It’s not anything you can imagine occurring to you. carson had her first psychotic breakdown in 1997. For the next seven years, she says, there were too multiple to breakdowns to count.


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