Love & Hiphop Karlie Redd Went Viral, After She Unveils her Newly BOTCHED face

Love & Hiphop Karlie Redd Went Viral, After She Unveils her Newly BOTCHED face

We reported last year that Karlie Redd had allegedly undergone full body makeover surgery. Well, the Love & Hip Hop star is going viral today,

after she went Live yesterday and showed off her new face – which is pretty shocking.

Karlie Redd took to IG Live yesterday, after she learned that one of her new songs was charting on the Billboard charts. Karli was extremely happy, and at times emotional during the Livestream.

But fans were less interested in what the reality star/singer was saying – and were aghast at how she looked. Karli’s cheeks were large and protruded from her face.

Also her lips were huge and appeared to be swollen. And the former beauty’s forehead was frozen solid – without even a hint of expression. Here’s a screenshot of Karli’s face during the Livestream.

In contrast, here’s what Karli used to look like, before she underwent all the surgeries:

When screenshots of Karli’s new face began circulating online, the Love & Hip Hop star took to social media – in an attempt at damage control.

Karli told fans that she has not had any facial surgery. According to the reality star, she had gotten lip injections, but that’s it. Karli is claiming that all the other changes to her face are just a result of “makeup.”

Karli Redd is a television personality, rapper, model and actress. She is best known for appearing as a main cast member of VH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta since its premiere in June 2012.


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