Lori Harvey Is Living With ‘No Regrets’ And No Plans On ‘Compromising’ Her Peace ‘For Anything Or Anybody’

Lori Harvey Is Living With ‘No Regrets’ And No Plans On ‘Compromising’ Her Peace ‘For Anything Or Anybody’

Lori Harvey is a name that stays in the spotlight. And in spite of her success as a model or her budding entrepreneurship, the communication are almost exclusively about her latest dating conquest.
The 25-year-old is largely private,

as she tells Essence, but about the years, her roster, from Future to Michael B. Jordan and a rumored romance with Damson Idris, is what the innanet loves chatting about. But Harvey lets it roll off her back–keeping in mind what her mom, Marjorie Harvey, tells her,“For those who know and love you, no answer is desired. But for those who don’t, no answer will do.”Her first Essence cover is for the ‘Black Love’ matter, but she’s on set by herself–no Hollywood hottie or music icon in tow. And she’s cool with it.

“I felt it’s always been about me attached to someone,” Harvey said. “This time, it’s about me. Self-love, self-care, self-reflection. I’m being a little selfish right now. It’s my time.” Her statement is giving single–but once again–that’s not the focus of her cover feature.

She’s centered on living life her way, regardless of how others attempt to devalue her based on that.
“I think a lot of times, people are projecting,” Harvey told. She included that the people who hardly devalue her based on her dating life are men.

She said, “…it’s because they know that they can’t meet you at your standards. Which is okay, too. Everything ain’t for everybody.” Moreover, Lori’s mannerisms are typically different from what standard dating should be, which is.”keep going until you find your fit.”The difference is Harvey’s choices are in the public eye–paparazzi flashes, trending topics, and gossip headlines added. But what I would love for people to familiar is that I am a young lady just trying to figure it out–but I’m attempting to figure it out in the public eye.

That magnifies everything. It magnifies your mistakes,” Lori said. “It magnifies the ups and downs of just navigating your life and figuring it out for yourself.”


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