Lisa Bonet’s & Lenny Kravitz’s Daughter Explained Why She Finally Accepts She’s Black

Lisa Bonet’s & Lenny Kravitz’s Daughter Explained Why She Finally Accepts She’s Black

The now 34-year-old daughter of rock artist Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet conducted a previous interview that ca*sed some cont*oversy once more in recent years. You may wonder why I keep saying “once again.” Because we previously reported her 2015 interview,

in which she had made some intr’iguing comments on both her Blackness and her ethn’icity. The main difference now is that Zoe does seem to have grown closer to her Black background, which is lovely for a kid of two half-African American parents.

An African American father and a Jewish mother gave birth to Lisa Bonet, Zoe’s mother. Lenny, Zoe’s father, was born to a Jewish mother and an African American father. His mother, Roxie Roker, who played Helen Willis in The Jeffersons, di*d when he was a child.

According to reports, Zoe’s issue was that she was not deeply rooted in her African American he’itage as a child, which made it difficult for her to comprehend and relate to that part of herself as an ad*lt. She disclosed in an interview with Allure Magazine where

she currently stands with her “acceptance” of her African American DNA, saying that her father has been encouraging her to become more in sync with her Black heritage: Zoe: White supremacy is still very much alive, and racism is very real. I’m undoubtedly conflicted.

My parents are both mixed-race. On both sides of my family, we are White. I am identifying more and more with being Black as I get older and have more life experience. Being increasingly proud of that and having a connection to my past. Due to the fact that

I was always one of the only Black students in any of my schools, it’s been a pretty intriguing trip. White children dominated the private schools I attended. I believe that a lot of things motivated me to blend in or avoid being identified as Black.

The white children constantly make fun of your hair and make you feel odd. I struggled to love and accept my blac’kness as a part of who I am. I now love my culture so much and am very happy to be Black. It’s still going on, but there has been a significant change.

Particularly my father has always had a strong connection to his past, and he values the fact that I am aware of my origins. She also addressed what her ultra-private mother Lisa Bonet believed at the time regarding the se*ua’l as*au’lt claims made ag’ainst her now-incarcerated former TV father, Bill Cosby:

Zoe: I believe that upset her. She didn’t appear overly sur’prised, though. She probably doesn’t want to hear about someone being mistreated, especially

by someone she spent so much time with. It feels awful. You desire a shower. And there you go, family. Much success to Lisa and Lenny’s mini-me as she continues to grow and become her own person.


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