Light Skinned Danileigh PHOTOSHOPS ‘Dark’ Child w/DaBaby! (Lightens The Babys Skin & Eyes)

Light Skinned Danileigh PHOTOSHOPS ‘Dark’ Child w/DaBaby! (Lightens The Babys Skin & Eyes)

Rapper DaBaby’s baby mama DaniLeigh is being B;LASTED on the social media for being a R;ACIST… again!! The new mom has proudly been sharing images of her baby girl who was born in August 2021. But a recent pictures.

share is making people crazy and numerous fans are ac’cusing her of being a ra’cist. Singer DaniLeigh born Danielle Leigh Curiel welcomed a baby daughter with rapper DaBaby and ever since she has been sharing essential milestones of her baby girl on social media.Although, a recent picture shared by DaniLeigh is blowing everyone’s mind on social media. The image of her daughter is heavily touched making 2 shades lighter and she even photoshopped the color of her eyes. Fans discover the original image of the baby.

and they are making comparisons and calling DaniLeigh a R’ACIST and C’OLORIST. Last time, she was charged of being r’acist for the lyrics in her song “Yellow Bone.” The lyrics of the song appear r’acist and Dani even apologized officially after.YELLOW BONE THATS WHAT HE WANT,” Dani sings in Yellow Bone. Later she also told that she a’ttempt not to dwell on haters and trolls. “It could always be worse. I look at my blessings and felt, ‘Okay, I’m grateful,’ ” told DaniLeigh.

“People always want to talk. [There are] some i’gnorant people on internet. I really don’t let it get to me — sometimes it does, not going to front — but I just try to not pay attention to it.” But she’s in hot water again later sharing a photoshopped image of her baby.Here’s the original picture of her super cutest baby: I was going to zipped my mouth on the entire issue senseless but since she doesn’t looked like to want to take accountability and action, as a light s’kin black lady let me tell we didn’t questioned nor want that song.

Later the launch of her interview with Martinez, DaniLeigh launched a new song, reportedly towards her kid’s daddy, DaBaby. The solo “D’ead To Me,” refers to multiple stuffs that can be assumed to be t’argeted at the rapper, including the fact that her brother wants to f’eud with him.“Momma never liked your a’ss,” DaniLeigh sings. “Brother wanna f’eud your ass; Daddy h’ate your trifllin’ ass.” DaniLeigh’s brother, Brandon Bills, desired to f’ight DaBaby and had the chance to at a bowling alley in February. Although, Bills was jumped by DaBaby and his crew, which left him bl’oody.


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