Kobe Bryant’s Daughter Natalia Gun Obsessed Stalker Is Terrifying Me Seeks Court Ordered Protection

Kobe Bryant’s Daughter Natalia Gun Obsessed Stalker Is Terrifying Me Seeks Court Ordered Protection

The LAPD and Kobe Bryant’s 19-year-old daughter are both te’rrified because, according to reports, a st’alker with a c’riminal record involving fi’rearms has been making every effort to locate her. In order to obtain a restraining order against Dwayne Kemp,

32, whom she claims is stalking her, Natalia Bryant hurried to court on Monday. According to documents acquired by TMZ, Natalia claims Kemp tried to get in touch with her two years ago when she was only 17 and he was 30.She says he thinks they have a romantic relationship. Natalia claims that she has never spoken to or interacted with him. She claims that ever since, he has done all in his power to find her, and she now lives in constant fear.

He arrived at her USC sorority house. He apparently turned up at one of her classes as well, according to sources with firsthand information who spoke to TMZ. Things become considerably scarier. Kemp is reportedly buying at least one g’un,

and the documents claim that a sale is about to occur. The documents further state that he has t’hreatened to purchase an AK-47 and a Glock that fires fully automatically. According to the documents, Kemp is a g’un aficionado who has been detained and/or found g’uilty of at least four offences, one of which involved weapons.

Thankful For Him Birthing You, Hopefully We Can Birth Him, the message read, according to Natalia, in a direct message the man sent her with a picture of her late father Kobe. Kobe embellished the phrase with a red heart. According to the records, he hoped to conceive a Kobe-like child with her.A restraining order should be obtained because the LAPD is involved in the case and evidently supports doing so. Natalia asks that the man remain at least 200 yards away from her, her house, her place of employment, her place of attendance at school, her sorority house, and her car. Judge’s decision is still pending.


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