Kirk Franklin’s Biological Father Passes Away Weeks After They Reunited

Kirk Franklin’s Biological Father Passes Away Weeks After They Reunited

Kirk Franklin disclosed in an emotional Instagram clip that his biological dad has died just weeks later the gospel star was able to connect again with him. Dwight Allen paases away on Monday of a terminal illness. He was only 66 year old. In September,

Franklin posted that he had received an anonymous phone call informing him that his birth dad had less than 3 to 6 months to live. Because Franklin told he had held resentment for his dad for putting him up for adoption, it was a hard decision.

whether or not he desired to reconnect with his father ahead of his passing. Remain, the 48-year-old vocalist planned to forgive his dad in those final weeks — a move that he told changed his life. “So numerous emotions. Being abandoned, being adopted,

and when I got that call, I familiar I didn’t desired to continue living in that,” Franklin said, his followers in a video sharedp on his Instagram page. “So, I fought past it, moved past it and got on the plane, and I’m so happy I did. I just got a call tonight that he died.”

“I desired to encourage anybody that perhaps have a difficult time moving in forgiveness,” he constantly. “It’s very heart broken, but it’s essential. It’s very essential because they deserve it, you deserve it,

and both of you all deserve the exact grace that we all desired God to give us. That fantastic grace.” Our thoughts and prayers are with Franklin and his loved ones during this hard time.


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