Kirk Franklin Still In Painful Place With Estranged Son

Kirk Franklin Still In Painful Place With Estranged Son

Kirk Franklin’s family drama has been playing out in the internet for few time now. The gospel icon is the dad of Kerrion Franklin, a son who has been keen on dismantling his dad’s brand for the better part of 2021. While the world knows Kirk as an ambassador of love and faith,

Kerrion Franklin wants everyone to see his dad as the controlling man he’s reportedly has caused him physical and emotional harm throughout his childhood and a’dult life. Kirk Franklin not so far stopped by The Real to talk about the ongoing matters.with his son and how he chooses to love and still positive over the drama. While rumors of Kerrion’s mental issues were surfacing for a while, it was in March of this year that stuffs became public. Kerrion and Kirk were engaged in a heated telephone swapped.

that Kerrion planned to record and launch online to internet. In the phone conversation, his Grammy-winning dad can be heard hurling words at Kerrion. In the clip, you can hear the “Stomp” legend tell his son, “I’ll put my foot in your a.”

Other ‘promises’ were made on the muffled recording. Kerrion’s response to his dad remarks? “I dare you!” Following the exchange, Kirk was target to address their beef publicly, disclosing that the family had been having a tough time with Kerrion for a while and struggling to find a amid ground.

Kerrion looked like to authenticate this in his caption of the phone call video. Kerrion constantly to double down in a series of posts continuing to “expose” his father following the phone call leak. In another post, Kerrion put his mom on b’last as well,

alleging that she attempt to assault him while he was trying to retrieve his stuffs from her home. He posted a video of them outside of their house and her questioning him to stop while he said her police were on the way and that he’d been as’saulted.

During a sit down with the womens of The Real, Kirk revealed about the drama and how he is choosing to move forward in spite of his son’s assertions. He expresses that while Kerrion chose to expose him publicly, he will not do the same. Kirk says that parenting is hard enough as it is, and no parent should ever have their parenting put out there for people to criticize and mock.


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