Kevin Samuels Has Reportedly Passed Away At 56

Kevin Samuels Has Reportedly Passed Away At 56

Rumors have been swirling on Thursday about the death of self proclaimed relationship guru Kevin.

The cause of death remains unconfirmed but his good freind has since confirmed his passing late Thursday.

Here is the timeline:

A police officer who wanted to remain anonymous, confirmed that he passed this morning with the blog TheNeighbourhood talk.


According to Newsone the reports of Kevin Samuels‘ death that flooded social media timelines everywhere offered no immediate verification that the 56-year-old died as his faithful followers demanded proof.

As a result, Samuels’ name became a top trending topic on Twitter on Thursday afternoon as people tried to sort out the facts.


The Instagram account for Plug Talk claimed Samuels died from “cardiac arrest,” but the post offered no verification of its report.

Other Instagram accounts quickly latched on to that same narrative without offering any confirmation.

It appears that the reports of Samuels’ death originated from a single social media post in which there are claims he died Thursday morning.

The reactions to Samuels’ alleged death have teetered between gleeful exuberance from women who have taken offense to his slanderous misogynoir and caution from those who wanted to know more.



Regardless of if this Kevin Samuels news is true or not, you gotta be an evil MF to cheer for someone’s death because you don’t like some of the things they’ve said

— Creflo Dollar Dollar bill, yall (@Troy_DonJuan) May 5, 2022

As mentioned above Kevin’s good friend Anton Daniels confirmed his death on Instagram, noting that he does not do rumors.



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