Kendu Issacs Claims Divorce From Mary. J Blige Left Him Hospitalized: I Suffered Emotional Distress

Kendu Issacs Claims Divorce From Mary. J Blige Left Him Hospitalized: I Suffered Emotional Distress

Mary J Blige and Kendu Issacs were apparantly to be each other’s happily ever after, but somehow, their love ended in split. While Blige has once again turned her sadness into platinum records, Kendu has silently been off the radar rebuilding his life.

He’s not personal up about the health problems he faced following their spli’t and how losing Mary J. Blige resulted in him being hospitalized. Mary J Blige and Kendu had a very messy separation, plagued with rumors of fi’ghting, infidelity, and a struggle over Blige’s riches.

They really announced their separation in 2016, with blogs reporting that Issacs was fully using Mary’s money to fund his mistress’s lifestyle, adding trips, shopping sprees, and personal jets. In total, he spent $420k in travel expenses. The split nearly wiped Blige out,

leaving her $10 million dollars in debt. She was also ordered to pay alimony for Kendu and child support for his kids that she support to raise. Blige rebounded and put it into the music, targeted to go back on tour to make up for the money she lost in the split. Luckily for Blige,

her “brothers” in the music industry are some of the most powerful in the game. Dr. Dre tapped her for the Super Bowl Halftime Show, which suppoeted drum up hype for her album Good Morning Gorgeous and its supporting tour, which was announced days after.

The project is currently nominated for several major categories at this year’s Grammys, including album and album of the year. Meanwhile, nu’merous have wonder that Kendu was living it up thanks to all that alimony money he was awarded. The music industry veteran had cashed in huge time,

$30k a month, to be exact. He also came out of it with a young girlfriend, vocalist Starshell. While she was initially a protege he was grooming with Mary, at some point, stuffa became intimate, and the two began having an affair.

Starshell took a internet sabbatical before reemerging with a new man and family, clearly not dating Kendu anymore. And as for Issacs, he ended up in the hospital back in 2018 during the thick of the split. He asserted to have “experienced physical

manifestations of stress and emotional distress from this issue, which had ca’used him to become hospitalized.” Issacs told at the time that he was “unemployable” due to the separation and required the alimony to make ends meet since leaving Blige put him on everyone’s wor’st side.


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