Kendu Isaacs’ Daughter, Briana, Shared Why She Was Devastated When Mary J Blige Divorced Him

Kendu Isaacs’ Daughter, Briana, Shared Why She Was Devastated When Mary J Blige Divorced Him

The star of Growing Up Hip Hop, Briana Latrise Kamara, felt as though her father, Kendu Isaacs, and Mary J. Blige were divorcing. Briana claims that she and Mary J. Blige had a nice relationship before her dad’s and ex-marital stepmom’s issues,

but things quickly altered following the divorce. Briana hasn’t had a simple life, despite the fame her father enjoys. She admitted being frequently inebriated and having once slept in her car during an interview with Hollywood Unlocked.Briana asserts that she didn’t even have her father’s phone number as a youngster and that they didn’t have a relationship because her mother and Kendu supposedly had problems. She was raised by her mother, and the two of them regularly fought.

Briana experienced a challenging childhood and began using d’rugs when she was 13 years old. According to Briana, her mother ab’andoned her on the streets after an al’tercation and she had to fight for survival. She claimed that after her father learned of her living arrangements,

Briana moved in with her father. Briana was just beginning to establish a relationship with her father, Kendu, when she first met Mary J. Blige. She was an outspoken teen from the streets with a drug problem, and Mary J. recognised her suffering because she had previously struggled with substance a’buse.

Briana said that She was never made fun of by Mary J., who also frequently praised her intelligence. Briana admitted that she was closer to Mary than her own father, despite the fact that Kendu was her father. Briana was heartbroken to hear about their divorce:

“I was hysterical.” I basically drank constantly, and I put on 30 pounds. In addition, I was ending my second abusive marriage. I felt a little bit like, Oh sh*t, if she’s gone, that’s it. Briana Kamara told Jason Lee that she was not going to maintain a relationship with her family.

The idea of Mary J. Blige leaving Briana’s life broke her heart because she felt like she was the only person who could relate to her. Since Mary J. Blige is said to have blocked Briana on social media, she wishes she could still be in a relationship with Mary.

but recognizes that may never happen again. Even though Kendu and Mary J. divorced. Blige is still raw, Briana recognised that perhaps time will help heal the wounds. On a related topic, the “Growing Up Hip Hop” star previously told a fascinating yet ho’rrifying tale.

about the time she unintentionally set fire to her apartment while, admittedly, asleep from a’lcohol. She claims that she eventually woke up to the sound of raindrops hi’tting her head and the sight of firemen standing in a puddle in her living room. She was fortunate to survive.


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