Keke Wyatt Emotionally Debuts Her Shaved Head In Support Of Her Child W/Cancer

Keke Wyatt Emotionally Debuts Her Shaved Head In Support Of Her Child W/Cancer

For those who missed it, Keke Wyatt revealed her child has been given a cancer diagnosis. We previously discussed the depressing news about Keke Wyatt’s child, but for those who didn’t read it, we’ll recap it here. She posted an emotional message.

regarding her child’s situation on Instagram. She also disclosed in her Instagram statement how the cancer treatments have caused her child’s hair to fall out and what she is doing to express her support. Pray for my family, please.I haven’t really talked much about my personal life, however my child is currently battling cancer and has lost all of their beloved hair. It really hurts me. So I’m going to have @keever west to shave me bald today to express Mommy’s support.

Additionally, Keke invited supporters to give to the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta (CHOA), a nonprofit hospital dedicated to providing specialized paediatric care. Please visit if you want to give; I need my baby to fully recover.For Us, prayers are most effective, she wrote in her caption. KeKe Wyatt’s passion of singing is well known to the majority of her followers, but many may be unaware of how much she adores hair. The R&B Divas actress talked candidly about her passion.

for hair and cosmetology in a recent interview with Essence magazine. I enjoy styling hair. She admitted to Essence, I’m a hair freak. I adore the way it feels on my fingertips. But nothing can compare to the love Mom has for her children.Keke didn’t hesitate to shave her head when it was time to provide emotional and psychological support for her child during their cancer treatment. Keever, her brother, did her the favour. Take a look at Keke’s freshly shaven head,

which she also debuted on Instagram Live. The most recent information on KeKe’s family comes after a number of reports about the birth of her ninth kid with her spouse Michael Ford. The representative for KeKe issued a statement on their new addition in April.My loved ones are happy. Where I’m from, we come from large families. Everyone is aware that I continue working while pregnant, therefore I’m thrilled to continue touring and giving performances, her agent stated in a statement at the time. We send our prayers to KeKe Wyatt and her family.


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