Keke Wyatt Announces That She’s Pregnant With 11th Child

Keke Wyatt Announces That She’s Pregnant With 11th Child

Keke Wyatt is expecting once again. She is getting ready to give birth to her second child with her partner Zackariah Darring, who will be her 11th overall baby. Everyone is shocked by the “Wha If” singer’s ability to have 10 children and yet want one more.

However, based on her post, this might be her last. She announced this on Instagram along with a large family portrait and a couple images of her expanding tummy from a fancy photo shoot. Keke shared on Instagram on Sunday.

that she was expecting her eleventh child. It might be surprising to see so many children in one image, but they are all Keke’s children, not cousins. One of the children was absent during the photo shoot, and Keke made note of this in the caption by stating that the family values her equally.


My husband, Zackariah David Darring, and I are excited to announce that the Wyatt Bunch will be growing by one, she wrote. Following the large family picture, KeKe shared pictures of herself looking stunning in her pregnancy glow.

In a long, flowing red garment, she has been described as looking quite goddess-like. Her physique fits the garment perfectly. Fans of KeKe have congratulated her and her hubby on social media. Keke is a well-known R&B artist.


As a teenager, she began her profession. She gained attention for her performance of “Nothing In This World” when she was nominated in 2001 for the Best New R&B/Soul/Rap Artist award. Her singing career was launched as a result.

Even her acting career began with the touring production of Love Overboard, in which she played the major role. She had eight children with her ex-husband, Michael Ford. Sadly, she does not co-parent with Ford because he has cut off contact with her, leaving KeKe and Zackariah in charge of all the children. Prior to meeting Zackariah, with whom she has a child, she dated Rahmat Morton.


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