Kate Winslet Shuts Down The Holiday Sequel Speculation

Kate Winslet Shuts Down The Holiday Sequel Speculation

After it was reported that the original cast would be reunited for a new film, Kate Winslet denied reports that a sequel to the hugely successful 2006 film The Holiday was in the works.

After it was revealed that actors Cameron Diaz, 50, Jude Law, 49, Kate Winslet, 47, and Jack Black, 53, were all on board for the sequel, fans went into a frenzy. I read about that, but this is the first I’ve heard of it, said Kate, who played journalist Iris in the romantic comedy, to People.

I swear I haven’t spoken with any agents, representatives, or anyone else from the beginning about it. I can honestly say that has never happened. Nancy Meyers, a writer and filmmaker, also addressed the rumours about a sequel on Instagram, writing:

So many DM’s about this sorry but it’s not real. The original film, written and directed by Meyers, presented the story of Surrey-based journalist Iris who switches residences with Hollywood movie mogul Amanda (Cameron) as a result of their individual heartbreaks.

While in Surrey, Iris’s book editor brother Graham (Jude Law), a widower, finds love with Amanda, while Iris meets and dates Miles (Jack Black). The sequel to the uplifting romantic comedy will follow the couple 16 years after their initial meeting to see how they are all faring.

The Sun previously had a source’s statement that “the intention is to start filming next year.” The main performers have all committed. It makes perfect sense to revisit those characters and see what happened to their life after they got together because it is one of the most popular films of its

kind and is still watched every year by millions of fans worldwide, they continued. Everyone will enjoy it since it will be humorous, emotional, and warmhearted. The Holiday received unfavourable reviews at its initial release; some called it predictable.

The movie eventually made more than £160 million at the box office. Eli Wallach, who passed away from natural causes in 2014 at the age of 98, is one celebrity who won’t appear in the sequel.

Eli’s performance as Arthur Abbott, a senior screenwriter who had lived and worked during Hollywood’s Golden Age and became friends with Kate’s character Iris, stole the show. The announcement of the sequel comes after Cameron reversed her earlier intention to stop acting.

The actress agreed to star with Jamie Foxx in the action comedy Back In Action, which began filming at the end of September, after Jamie persuaded her to return to the big screen.

To get the formerly retired actress back from her protracted vacation, the 54-year-old actor made the notable move of bringing in Tom Brady. The anticipated release date for Back In Action has not yet been disclosed.


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