Kanye West Popped Up At Skechers Headquarters Uninvited Looking For A New Yeezy Home & Got The Boot!

Kanye West Popped Up At Skechers Headquarters Uninvited Looking For A New Yeezy Home & Got The Boot!

Kanye West is moving suddenly to discover a new house for his Yeezy sneakers. He went to the Skechers corporate office to speak with the company’s executives but was turned away.

Ye went to the company’s headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California on Wednesday morning, as per sources with knowledge of the appearance. Although, there was no scheduled meeting with management at this time. Skechers revealed,

“Ye”walked into a Skechers company office in Los Angeles uninvited and unannounced. Later a long conversation, 2 Skechers officials reached Ye and his group out of the facility because they trusts they were shooting illegally. Skechers is owned and run by a Jewish family;

Robert Greenberg began the company, and his son Michael is now the President. We don’t familiar if Kanye did his research or not. You may argue he perhaps barking up the wrong tree, given his blatant anti-Semitism. Is Kanye looking for a new company to carry Yeezys?

“Skechers is not getting and has no intention of working with West. We condemn his not so far divisive remarks and do not tolerate antisemitism or any other form of hate speech. Once again, West showed up unannounced and uninvited to Skechers corporate offices,”

Told a Sketchers representative as per TMZ. It’s possible that Kanye desired Skechers to be his new distributor and manufacturer for the Yeezy shoe line, just as Adidas did before it fired him this week. He disappoint to get a hit. Though,

Kanye was captured image beforehand in excellent spirits at a nearby bagel shop; his smile doesn’t like that of a man with $900 million in his pocket, according to Forbes. Kanye’s anti-Semitic remarks

were the tipping point for a lot of business and professional partnerships, adding those with Balenciaga, his authentic team, and of course, Adidas, all of whom have cut ties with him not so far.


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