Kanye Pays $85K For Whitney’s Drug Filled Bathroom Photo… Many Angry Over What He Used It For

Kanye Pays $85K For Whitney’s Drug Filled Bathroom Photo… Many Angry Over What He Used It For

Just a few weeks later stirring up c’ontroversy, by professing his “love” for his “brother” Donald Trump, and stating ‘s’lavery was a choice’ that Black people made, Kanye West is at it once again. Except this time, dude is using the favorite Whitney Houston.

as his publicity tool through his Good Music label artist, Pusha T. On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, rapper, Pusha T, did an interview with Angie Martinez on Power 105.1 to promote his song which is dropped on Friday (May 25).While promoting his album,”Daytona,” Pusha disclosed that Kanye pulled a typical sporadic move of swapping his album artwork at the last minute. It sounds like no m’assive deal right? Although, later Pusha stated that the artwork Kanye wanted to use cost $85,0000.00 for one image,

it caught everyone’s attention. Turns out, that image is an eery s’hot of Whitney Houston’s bathroom, following her reportedly d’rug binge in 2006. The bathroom was messy, with many dr’ug pa’raph’ernalia strewn around, including a pipe, spoon, white powder substance, as well as a a’lcohol.

Following this revelation, as you all can imagine, numerous fans are hella pissed with Kanye. Many are asserting him of exploiting Whitney’s death for fame and ‘turning into a fame wh*re, like his in-laws.’ Others are asking why he didn’t choose to e’xploit his late mom’s.

passing in a disgraceful way, like he’s doing Whitney’s. Check out a sample of the b’acklash ‘Ye is getting below: beautifulnaki: That’s truly disrespectful, di’sturbing and very i’nsensitive to the family. theboss.ed: Very disrespectful!!!I truly don’t care about some damn message/point Kanye and you are trying to make. It can be made with real art, or may be a image of a scene where one of your loved ones passed away. This is just trifling!!! m’ercyrosejones: Him and his plastic wife are refused. Utter disrespect. mister_bruckshott: That’s the ridiculously dishonor he’s not going to sell any songs anyway


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