Judge Denies Request To Lower Bail For Boy Accused Of Kil’ling Mom Over Amazon Order

Judge Denies Request To Lower Bail For Boy Accused Of Kil’ling Mom Over Amazon Order

The 10-year-old Milwaukee boy charged of k’illing his mom later she al’legedly refused to order him a VR set on Amazon appeared in court this week with a plea to have his bail amount lowered from $50,000 to just $100.

The jury wasn’t having it. The boy’s lawyer, Angela Cunningham, had questioned the court to consider lowering the boy’s cash bail from $50,000 to $100 because he has no source of income. What he does have is $100 in savings from bornday gifts,

his allowance and from discovering stray money in couch cushions. However, the prosecutor in the lawsuit, Paul Dedinsky, questioned the court consider imposing a travel restriction on the boy and require him to be launched into the c’ustody of a family member were he to post bail.

As she considered their arguments, jury Jane Carroll acknowledged that of all the factors she is authentically required to consider when setting bail conditions for a defendant in a’dult court, “a lot of them don’t make a lot of sense when a’ttempt to a 10-year-old.”For example, Carroll told, the boy has no house of his own. He is not employable. He has no properties. He has no way of attending a court hearing without the help of an a’dult. He has no earlier criminal history or a history with substance abuse.

Ultimately, Carroll planned not to adjust the $50,000 bail amount and to impose a travel restriction, arguing the assertions are “significant” enough to justify it. But she did not require him to stay with a family member if he posts bail.Prosecutors ac’cused the 10-year-old with alternative counts of fi’rst-at’tempt intentional m’urder or first-degree r’eckless ho’micide after he mentioned to police that he s’hot and k’illed his 44-year-old mom in their home Nov. 21, as per court records.

The boy said, police he was upset at his mom for waking him up prior that morning and not buying him something off Amazon, the criminal complaint told. The family told police the kid had a history of mental health treatment and d’isturbing behavior.

In Wisconsin, state law requires kid as young as 10 to be ac’cueed as a’dults for certain serious c’rimes, such as m’urder, at least to start the lawsuit. Activists locally and nationally have called for the boy to move to juvenile court.

The Journal Sentinel is not observe the boy or his 44-year-old mom at this time due to his age and the circumstances of the lawsuit.


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