Jewelry Heists Are On The Rise, One Man Loses $20K Chain After Winning $30K Lottery

Jewelry Heists Are On The Rise, One Man Loses $20K Chain After Winning $30K Lottery

It seems like there’s been an increase in jewelry heists in recent months. People are becoming flasher while others are becoming more desperate, and the results have been some insane stories of heists around the country. Let’s look at some recent stories and go into the latest one coming out of Detroit.

Back in November, a man broke into a jewelry store in Jersey City and made out with over $500k in stolen goods. The whole thing went down at Sara Jewelry shop on Newark Avenue in Jersey City just after 4:30 pm on November 23rd. A group of men pushed their way into the jewelry store and commanded everyone to get on the ground. They then shattered the glass displays and started grabbing goods. The store owner believes the incident was planned based on how well the men orchestrated it all. In addition to tons of jewelry, the men also made off with $20k in cash.

In July, several men were able to make off with $100 million in gems and jewelry after hitting an armored truck in South California. The items were on a brinks truck being transported between locations after a show. The items were on their way to the Pasadena Convention Center. from San Mateo when they were intercepted in Lancaster. California was the site of another smash-and-grab robbery.

In September, two men hit a store in Moreno Valley, making off with 80k in goods. The whole thing happened smack in the middle of the day at 3 pm, with the suspects entering the Cardenas Market business on Sunnymead Boulevard near Perris Boulevard and south of the 60 Freeway. The suspects carried sledgehammers and similar objects to smash open the display case, according to Riverside County Sheriff’s Sgt. Edward Soto.

Beverly Hills was hit in March. Three men from Long Beach hit up the jewelry store and made off with $6.2 million in merchandise. They were eventually tracked down and arrested. They pulled up in three cars and parked in front of the shop, smashing the exterior windows and stealing as much as they could. They left the cars behind, which later were revealed to be stolen. One of the men dropped his cell phone, which is how police were able to track him down. To make matters worst, another person posted photos online of large stacks of money with the hashtag “robbery gang.”

A Detroit man is chainless after getting his $20,000 necklace snatched at a gas station. He had just won the lottery for $30k and invested $20,000 of his winnings in the piece. While at a gas station playing the lotto again, two men walked in and spotted his chain. They waited for him to come back outside and ran up on him, knocking him to the floor and taking the necklace before running off into their getaway car. The man says he was aware of people stealing chains and thought he was being cautious, but they still got him.

The gas station manager recognized them man and provided footage to show that they had stolen a chain before in the past. In the second video, you can see the same man grabbing someone’s necklace and running off.


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