Jermaine Dupri Suggested He Can Get Back With Ex Janet: But Refuses To Work With Her Again

Jermaine Dupri Suggested He Can Get Back With Ex Janet: But Refuses To Work With Her Again

Some of you were undoubtedly thinking, “Hold up when Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri made their relationship public years ago…” Is Janet seeing HIM? Just know that you’re not the only one who wondered this because many Janet Jackson followers did as well.

But by sticking together for more than 9 years in the early 2000s, they were ultimately able to disprove the doubters. The So Def music superstar responded to various queries from Ms. Jackson admirers in interviews with Page Six. He talked about everything,

including why he would never want to work with Janet again and his enormous tattoo of her. And guess what? Jermaine mentioned how close they reportedly remain to this day. If you didn’t know, the producer had a large tattoo of Janet’s face on his body

that covered an entire side of his torso while Jermaine and Janet were dating. He still has it, according to what he said in 2019 about it. I know her as Janet, but I have a tattoo of her. Then he revealed a shocking fact. Jermaine claims that he and Janet share the same tattoos.

Does that imply that Janet also tattooed Jermaine’s face on her body? People sometimes get tattoos of strangers. People asked me, What if y’all break up? when I got the Janet tattoo. But I do know this person. Since Janet and I both have matching tattoos, I have no regrets.

When others learned we were dating, they were startled. It’s been like way throughout my entire career. I’m an Atlanta native. Up until recently, Atlanta wasn’t widely known. Therefore, it sounds like Nebraska when you hear that “Janet Jackson is dating this man from Atlanta.”

Jermaine Dupri asked, “Why, of all people, are you dating this guy? When Twitter users ask, “Why haven’t you wished Janet Jackson a happy birthday? These folks are illiterate. I dated this person for almost ten years. I can call that person by picking up the phone.

Therefore, if you ask me whether I wish I could call Janet Jackson back, I can, said Jermaine Dupri. Dupri may still be deeply in love with Janet, but he has no interest in working with her again. The only reason I can think of for saying that is that I feel somewhat duped by the “20 Y.O.” album I produced.

There have been persistent claims that the two were secretly dating for years ever after they parted ways years ago. They apparently continued to communicate even after Janet married Wissam Al Mana,

the father of her son. Though I’m not sure whether any of those allegations are real, Jermaine’s subtle hints regarding their on-going “relationship” are certainly enough to raise some eyebrows.


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