With his sister DeOndra Dixon, who is 36 years old, Jamie Foxx (52) has always shared a very close relationship. Jaime has frequently discussed his sister, who has Down syndrome, in interviews. DeOndra is also well-known to many of us.

because she frequently appears alongside her big brother at red carpet events, award presentations, and other occasions while grinning for the cameras. Foxx constantly has his sister’s back and treats her like a princess because he is her protector and provider.Because of this, he does his best to make sure DeOndra’s requests are carried out, especially when they are as significant as the one Jaime shared concerning Chris Brown (31). The “Django Unchained” actor reminded the audience during a segment on his sister that Brown,

who has had his share of widely publicized legal run-ins, is not a reflection of his prior errors. Foxx mentioned what Chris Brown routinely does for his sister, who is a great fan of his, in a previous interview with Queen Latifah.He also emphasized that Brown has a lot more to him than just the contentious image that the media has of him. Foxx: I want to recognize someone in particular. A young man by the name of Chris Brown frequently has negative things written about him,

and he occasionally acts in ways that we might misinterpret. However, Chris Brown puts everything on hold when I phone him about my sister because she has a great crush on him. There are no cameras there when he arrives and dances and hangs out with her.DeOndra is ecstatic whenever Brown visits, and as you can see, Jaime is touched that Brown takes time out of his hectic schedule to cheer up his sister.