James Brown’s Daughter Was A Sweet Soul, But Her Tumultuous Life Breaks Our Hearts

James Brown’s Daughter Was A Sweet Soul, But Her Tumultuous Life Breaks Our Hearts

Oftentimes, people look at celebrities and assume that everything is all good in their lives. Behind the fame, fortune, bright lights, and huge public personas, the truth is that far too often, they have regular folks problems…just like us regular folk.

In the case of the late, great James Brown, not only did he have his own personal battles in life, but so did one of his many children, Venisha Brown. As many of you

know, Venisha sadly passed away at age 53 in September 2018. What’s also heartbreaking is that in her 53 years on this earth that beautiful soul had many battles to fight.

Many details have since emerged about Venisha Brown’s life, and her sister had something to say about it.

James Brown’s Daughter, Venisha, Had Decent Upbringing

She lived in California with her mother/singer, Yvonne Fair, and attended the upscale Hollywood High School. She spent summers in Georgia with her dad, James Brown. But Then Her Life Took A Turn For The Worse.

Venisha’s Past Ongoing Addiction

James Brown’s daughter, Yamma Brown, said Venisha “struggled with addiction, which most people know, a lot of her adult life … Fortunately, she had good family support. My dad was her support structure for a lot of years.” Addiction Wasn’t Her Only Issue Though.

Sister Details Venisha Brown’s Past Arrests

Brown’s other daughter, Deanna Brown-Thomas, revealed, “There were plenty of arrests. …Not just one or two. I would help my sister in California.” But Her Wrap Sheet Sadly Speaks Volumes About Her Struggles…
Car Theft
Unfortunately, Venisha was arrested many times in her life. In 2012, she was arrested for stealing her boss’ car from St. Stephen Ministries in Augusta, GA, where she worked. Venisha was also accused of harming her female boss in a parking lot, after the boss tried to retrieve her own vehicle.

Then Came A Lengthy Prison Stint
Venisha served one year of a 5-year sentence for the 2012 car theft, and was reportedly released in February 2014.

But Here’s What Happened Just Over A Month After She Was Released
Venisha was reportedly arrested again in April 2014, for probation violation.

20+ More Arrests
According to reports, Venisha Brown was arrested approximately 24 times, within 17 years. Clearly, this Queen had inner struggles.

Sister Speaks About Visiting Venisha Brown In Prison

Deanna Brown:

“I would go into the jail and visit her…I would be there and do whatever I possibly could.”

‘There’s Only So Much I Could Do’

Venisha Brown’s struggles became overwhelming for several of her loved ones:

“It got to the point where there was only so much I could do. She had a crack addiction and she struggled with that,” said Deanna.

Venisha’s Beautiful Turnaround

By the end of her life, Venisha was off drugs and dedicated her time toward speaking to young folks to help them: “She’d say “don’t do what I did,” said Deanna. “Don’t make the same mistakes that I did.”

Sister Described Her Last Days

Venisha ultimately succumbed to pneumonia. Here sister, Yamma, said, “She didn’t lose her mind. She was very strong willed. She had all her faculties together… She was weak in her body, but definitely strong in her mind to the end.”

You GOTTA See Venisha Dancing EXACTLY Like Her Pops

Rest on Venisha Brown.


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