Jade Cargill Pulls Up On Bow Wow At Millennium Tour With Backup, Attempts To Attack Rapper..

Jade Cargill Pulls Up On Bow Wow At Millennium Tour With Backup, Attempts To Attack Rapper..

Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow, received the action he requested over the weekend. The rapper and reality celebrity has been engaging in Twitter verbal sparring matches with AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill for several weeks.

Jade made it clear that she was no longer amused by the awkward banter, which had alternated between being humorous, caustic, and downright rude. Bow Wow ultimately allowed her to pay a visit during a recent tour stop after telling her to “pull up on him.”Bow Wow is one of several famous people who are dabbling in the fields of boxing and wrestling. “Now I realize this might seem weird… BUT… once I drop my last album,” he tweeted back in October. I’ll concentrate on TV and movies.

A lifetime childhood dream of mine has been to wrestle in the WWE, thus I’m joining the @WWE. A few weeks ago, Bow Wow hinted that he would make his fighting debut and promised that if he won his first match,

he would take Jade Cargill out to dinner. Bow Wow was instantly stopped by Cargill, who has a long-term relationship with former Major League Baseball player Brandon Phillips and verbally attacked him in the process.

Eventually, they made an effort to resolve their differences, and Jade revealed that she had admired him growing up. Unfortunately, the tone deteriorated once more as Bow Wow started making fun of her and spoke negatively about her partner and financial circumstances.
Last week, Jade visited The Breakfast Club and made it apparent that she was no longer amused by Bow Wow’s comedy. She made light of his Millennium Tour, called him a “nothing,” and questioned his financial status.

Along with Mario, Keri Hilson, Lloyd, The Ying Yang Twins, and others, he is now on tour. Jade made fun of Bow Wow for having to “share” his tour with so many people, joking that he couldn’t afford to take her out on a date.

In response, Bow Wow said she should meet him at one of his destinations and claimed she left town as soon as he arrived. On Sunday, when the Millennium Tour stopped at the FTX Arena in Miami, Jade made sure to pull up.Before his security officers escorted them out, the woman could be seen coming up to him and hurling popcorn. They may be seen attempting to grab the “Shorty Like Mine” vocalist while kicking and shouting. While many people viewed the drama as unneeded,

others saw how it might be used to set up a real tale and believed it was all phoney. He is set to ratify a contract with AEW. One individual commented, “Bow Wow loves wrestling; it’s putting up a storyline. Staged. Another person added their agreement. Great marketing though,” he said, emphasizing how simple it was for security to detain professional fighters


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