Jada P. Smith Paid $1Million To Do Beautiful Thing To Honor Her Childhood Friend Tupac

Jada P. Smith Paid $1Million To Do Beautiful Thing To Honor Her Childhood Friend Tupac

Will Smith is his missis, Jada Pinkett-Smith’s, friend and the absolute l.. mmove of her life, but as multiple of us now learn, there is also another friend who will constantly hold a a blessed piece of Jada’s her heart- the late tupac shakur.

Jada has made it no private that she very loved her high school homie, Pac, and when Pac was alive, he allow his love for Jada be known as well. Multiple have inferred that tupac and Jada dated at some fact during their years developing up jointly.in Baltimore Pac later shifted to Oakland, CA. However, Jada is adamant that they were not carrying hands and slow dancing to Keith Sweat’s and Al B. Sure’s cassette tapes in their in their 1980’s high school days. well except that one time Jada reportedly admitted to kissing Pac,

only to quick realize that they both preferred being friends instead, but I digress. Anywho, Jada started dating Will Smith in 1995 and wedded him in 1997- the year after her best friend, Tupac, was s’hot and k’illed in Las Vegas.Understanding just how much ‘Pac meant to Jada, Will didn’t mind the gorgeous and expensive award she wanted to bestow upon Pac, to keep his memory alive. In 2006, Jada agreed to make a $1million donation in Pac’s award, through the will and Jada Smith family Foundation,

to her’s and tupac’s retired high school, Baltimore School for the Arts. Her only proposal of the school, was that it renamed it’s theater after tupac Shakur. The donation also helped with the school’s development, so that it could finally enroll more students.Via Today It means a lot when you’re a teacher and your most popular lumnus comes back to give a donation, said donald Hicken, head of the school’s theater department since its founding in 1980 and Pinkett Smith’s retired theater teacher.

It really says a lot to the community that the school issues in people’s lives. Karen Banfield Evans, executive director of the smith family foundation, and pinkett Smith’s aunt said the actress was shifted by the school’s advances since she graduated.Tupac met Jada at that Baltimore performing arts school and he often credited his knowledges there for helping to mold his artistic capacities. Although there were no flames apparently between them, Jada said Tupac was like a dad figure and brother to her when they were teens. In a a previous interview, Jada became emotional, while remembering the effect ‘Pac had on her life.


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