J. Prince Jr. Calls for Judge To Remove His Name From All Court Docs Relating To TakeOff’s Case

J. Prince Jr. Calls for Judge To Remove His Name From All Court Docs Relating To TakeOff’s Case

TakeOff’s family and fans were given some justice last week when it was revealed that one person was taken into custody in connection to his passing. The Migos rapper lost his life in Texas after a dice game went wrong. Despite video footage being uploaded all over the internet, it took Houston PD weeks to capture a suspect. 

Everyone on social media played detective in the first few days following TakeOff’s passing. Due to the number of videos posted online that evening, many thought they had identified the suspect as one of Quavo’s associates. However, that information was inaccurate. Houston socialite J. Prince Jr. was also present that evening. J. Prince Jr. was one of the first people identified on video after fans noticed him walking over TakeOff’s body. Following Takeoff’s passing, Prince and his family created a mural for the late rapper at the scene of the incident. However, the Prince family caught backlash after branding the display with their name in giant letters.

Eventually, HPD was able to track down two individuals who were present during the incident – Patrick Xavier Clark, 33, and Cameron Joshua, 22. Patrick Xavier Clark, also known as DJ Pat, was charged with taking the life of Takeoff, while Cameron Joshua was charged with carrying a weapon unlawfully. Patrick Xavier Clark was caught in a parking lot in Houston with a large amount of cash and planned to flee the country. He’d purchased a ticket to Mexico and had expedited a passport.

Fans found the circumstances of his arrest strange and have begun trying to poke holes in the case to get to the truth. According to Raphouse.TV, Patrick Xavier Clark was given a $2M bond. But, in a surprise development, one of his bond conditions says Patrick Xavier Clark is not allowed to be in contact with J. Prince Jr or Shakur Stevenson. Prince & Stevenson became aware of this information and now requests that their names be removed from that condition & any other documents related to the case. Some people think it is weird for Prince to ask to be removed despite being present the evening of the incident.

There’s no word if the judge will revise the conditions relating to Patrick Xavier Clark’s bond. Clark continues to maintain his innocence and recently asked the judge to grant him $5000 to pay for a private investigator. According to Clark, he does not have the money to hire a private investigator and needs one to defend himself successfully. Clark says he has found a Private Investigator willing to carry out the job for a reduced rate of $95 an hour.

Clark is currently the only individual being charged in the case.


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