Instagram Model Unykue Foucha Reveals She’s Expecting A Baby With Latocha Scott’s Husband

Instagram Model Unykue Foucha Reveals She’s Expecting A Baby With Latocha Scott’s Husband

Xscape is back in the headlines in recent weeks due to issues between Latocha Scott and everyone else in the group. What started as Latocha simply skipping out on some shows seems to be a much bigger issue stemming from her and her current husband. While Latocha has been risking it all for the sake of her man, it seems he’s been risking it all as well and just got another woman pregnant right up under Latocha’s nose.





Latocha Scott is arguably the breakout vocalist of Xscape despite not being its star. This is something that has weighed heavy on her over the years, as she’s battled weight loss and trying to create her own spotlight. With the help of her husband and talent manager, Rocky Bivens, it seemed like Latocha was on her way. Unfortunately, Rocky had issues with a promoter the ladies of Xscape were using recently, and it resulted in some heated arguments and threats that forced Latocha to step away from a string of shows the girls went on out of respect for her husband.

After showing up to the Soul Train Awards in a conflicting outfit from the rest of her group, Latocha put her sisters on blast for not supporting her when she stood up for her husband and not communicating with her stylist to make sure they had matching looks. While many supported her for standing by her man, they thought twice after his mistress came forward to reveal she is pregnant.



While Latocha has been ruining business relationships for Rocky, he’s been having a separate romantic relationship with an IG model named Unykue Foucha. She took to social media to reveal she is expecting a child with him and open up to the world about their union. “Me and Rocky had our own situation. I know this may be shocking news, but this was a very complicated relationship that I couldn’t speak on for obvious reasons. Life can be a b***, and ima make sure mines is beautiful either way. It Is what It Is,” she said in a post that featured a picture with him and a sonogram photo.

Latocha has yet to respond. Neither has her husband, Rocky Bivens. Fans however, flooded the IG models Instagram congratulating her for playing herself.


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