Inside The Hotel Where Stephen ‘Twitch’ Boss’s Body Was Found

Inside The Hotel Where Stephen ‘Twitch’ Boss’s Body Was Found

Stephen Boss also familiar as Twitch died last week under really sad circumstances. The happy tv personality had a dark end following years of handling with some undisclosed issues. As people still try to unpack what took place,

more information have been disclosed about the hotel he checked into in Los Angeles before b’rutally w’ounding himself. On December 13, 2022, tWitch’s wife, Allison Holker, detailed the Los Angeles Police Department that he had left their home without his car and did not return that evening.This was not usual for tWitch, and Allison feel like something was certainly wrong, in spite of the couple not having any issues before he left their house. They had just celebrated a wedding anniversary a few days earlier, and he had just celebrated his grandfather’s birthday.

According to reports, tWitch passed away at The Oak Tree in Encino, CA. The former Ellen DJ and produced checked into room 249 at 10:30 am on Monday and never left the room. Hotel staff told he appeared fine.when he checked in and did not display any signs of distress, even calling ahead to authenticate room availability around 9 am. At around 11:15 am the next morning, his body was discover in the hotel room’s bathroom by hotel staff after failing to check out.

They called 911 and were questioned to check his pulse but felt nothing. Paramedics arrived not too far later and confirmed Twitch died . A’utopsy reports and a note tWitch left verify that he’d take his own life. Oak Tree Inn is a fairly basic hotel on the busy California street Venture Blvd.Ideal for tourists passing via or entertainers in town for auditions or gigs, Oak Tree has 26 rooms and averages at $107 a night for a room. The hotel al’legedly stopped renting rooms out for the rest of the week following the incident. Its not clear why no one heard the s’hooting,

but the hotel manager authenticate that it gets pretty loud and hectic there during they day. “Maybe he did it during the day on Monday. It’s a busy, loud road outside here; it’s possible nobody heard it because of that,” he told.

Twitch’s wife, Allison Holker broke her silence on the incident the following day. Allison Holker a’ccused her and Twitch did not have any issues or arguments leading up to his disappearance. Twitch’s mom and grandfather also spoke out with beautiful tributes.


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