Iggy Azalea Claims She Never Has To Work Another Day In Her Life After Selling Music Catalog For 8 Figures

Iggy Azalea Claims She Never Has To Work Another Day In Her Life After Selling Music Catalog For 8 Figures

Iggy Azalea’s success perhaps have realised short-lived, but the bag is forever, as per recent reports. The “Fancy” hit maker recently sold her whole catalog in a move that ensures she never has to work again. Although, Iggy is reinvesting the fortune into future projects and a huge return in 2023.

As is customary with report of this variety, the exact amount of the deal has not been publicly revealed. Monday’s report, although, did explained the sale as constituting an “8-figure deal.” Although, Iggy’s Bad Dreams label is totally owned by the artist and now has a new,


to-be-finalized distribution settle on the horizon. Complex head out to Domain Capital Group for comment, as well as to a rep for Iggy. This story perhaps updated. Australian-born rapper Iggy Azalea was one of the first female rappers to reach success following Nicki Minaj’s resurrection of the genre.

She scored hits like “problem” with Ariana Grande and “Black Widow” with Rita Ora before racial tension in America derailed her trajectory. People realised that Iggy’s success over black female rappers like Azealia Banks realised unbalanced.


It did not help that the same year of her crossover, Macklemore beat out Kendrick Lamar at the Grammys. People starts to turn away from white rappers in hopes of supporting more rappers of color. Iggy did not lose any money, although, and constantly to launch music,

scoring a major viral hit with the Tyga-assisted “Kream” on TikTok. Iggy also became a mom, sharing a kid with rapper Playboi Carti. Last year she teased a retirement following her album End of an Era but ended up changing her mind. At the time, she Tweeted,

“A year ago I was willing to walk away from music because I was tired of the negative energy it attracted. But what I’ve heard is that even when I’m focusing my business, you all gonna be negative AND nosey. So if I can’t have peace, neither can you.

I’m coming back. Cry about it.” Currently, she is making a major money moves to secure she can constantly disturbing people’s peace. Iggy has allegedly sold the rights to her whole catalog in an 8 figure deal that ensures she will never have to work again.

She is also 100% owner of her own label, Bad Dreams records, and is prepping a Tory Lanez-produced album for 2023. She now is in an admin deal with

Sony Music but is totally out of all her other contracts. She teased fans of what’s to come in October with a Tweet telling, “Time to recharge, enjoy & Get ready for 2023. Time to focus. Back soon!”


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