‘We Should’ve Shot The Movie Before Everybody D’i’e’d’: Ice Cube Blasts WB For Stalling On Friday Movie

‘We Should’ve Shot The Movie Before Everybody D’i’e’d’: Ice Cube Blasts WB For Stalling On Friday Movie

Ice Cube has made an effort to update his followers on the status of the last Friday movie. The movie, titled Last Friday, which stars Ice Cube and a number of actors who have gone on to become some of the biggest names in the industry,

is meant to be the conclusion of three decades of narrative and comedy. Unfortunately, many have also passed away while they were waiting for Warner Bros to approve them, which hasn’t happened yet. The most recent interview with Ice Cube provides the most recent information for fans.Ice Cube has made it clear that he wants Friday to end with a movie called Last Friday. Regrettably, he and Warner Bros could not agree on the final draught. Many people would rather that he just find another place to shoot the movie,

but Cube says that while the idea is his intellectual property, Warner Bros owns the movie. When making a movie, distribution is a must. There are very few companies and studios that can give high-level enjoyment with a movie if you desire that.After initially wishing to finance the movie personally but deciding against it, he ultimately chose New Line for this. WB is the owner of New Line. We’re trapped in a provision where if you work with a corporation on one film, they may have the right to release any sequels. The sequels may be published by them.

They stall by carrying out a few things before stopping. According to Ice Cube, the popularity of Ride Along and Straight Outta Compton has prevented them from returning the movie rights to him so that he could make Last Friday. The studios did not believe in those movies,

even though New Line and Warner Bros. wanted to work on them. Ice Cube took them to Universal as a result, where Ride Along and Straight Outta Compton each earned $150 million. After that, he claimed, the studios felt “embarrassed.”The majority of the Friday cast members who had passed away since the last episode were then addressed by Ice Cube. This includes John Witherspoon, AJ Johnson, and Tiny Lester. Fans had hoped that at least Chris Tucker’s character Smokey will return in the final episode,

but they will have to wait and see what Warner Bros decides. Due to recent substantial changes at WB and the cancellation of several large film projects, it’s probable that Last Friday will fall even lower on the list of priorities. In addition to recently firing Henry Cavill,

who played Superman, they also shelved important projects like Westworld and a number of other significant superhero movies. The studio is moving in a new path that could further harm Last Friday as a result of years of poor film decisions. We can only hope that someone in the incoming administration will make the moral decision to give Ice Cube the film rights back.


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