I Wish I Could Speak To My Daughter & Hug Her One Last Time: Shanquella Robinson’s Dad Speaks Out

I Wish I Could Speak To My Daughter & Hug Her One Last Time: Shanquella Robinson’s Dad Speaks Out

While the internet is calling for explanations for what led to Shanquella Robinson’s de’ath, her family has been speaking out, asking for clarification, and grie’ving the loss of their che’rished daughter. Her mother has been adamant about posting on social media

and has covered every aspect of the case. Her father has contributed as well, recently telling the media how dev’astated he is. Early on in the investigation, Bernard Robinson spoke with his local TV station and expressed his hear’tbreak. “Man, it’s like a nightmare.

I can’t even fall asleep. Just f’rust’rated, really. Simply said, as a father, my heart hu’rts. As a man of prayer. I’m just looking for the truth because this doesn’t even make sense. I believe I’m going to solve this pr’oblem with the grace of God. God won’t let me down;

the truth will be revealed. According to rum’ours, Shanquella’s pals ki*led her after a video of her appeared online. According to her official autopsy, she di’ed as a res’ult of in cident-related injuries. The news anchors made an effort to contact the parties involved,

calling and texting a number of them live. Bernard became much more emotional during a second interview with TMZ and recalled that his daughter was not an ag’gressive person. My daughter was a good kid. She was at*acked. For everyone to be in that space.

They appear to have as*aul’ted her. She is also n*ked. To watch that video as a father. They appear to have been cons’piring. In this area, where all of her pals are, they couldn’t have done it. They are unaware of what they have done. My heart was bro’ken by them.

I had only that child. Just hear’tbroken, really. Bernard continues by lamenting the fact that he will never be able to become a grandfather or lead his daughter down the aisle and expressing his longing to give his daughter one more hug. According to reports,

Mexican authorities are waiting for American officials to transport the defendants to Mexico before they can begin the le’gal process.


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