Here’s The Post That Kandi Burruss Deleted After Being Accused Of Living A Swingers Lifestyle

Here’s The Post That Kandi Burruss Deleted After Being Accused Of Living A Swingers Lifestyle

Kandi Burruss-Tucker seems to be involved in yet another l’esbian ru’mour, it would seem. Although Kim Zolciak-Biermann appears to be making the ac’cusation this time around rather than Porsha, it looks that Kandi volunteered to lick her box as well.

The ladies are currently engaged in a Twitter battle after Kandi refuted Kim’s assertions. Lawd!! Former pals Kandi Burruss and Kim Zolciak-Biermann are arguing on Twitter after Kandi was ac’cused by Kim of offering to “k’iss her box.”When Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Shereé Whitfield, a.k.a. “the bone collector,” sat down to dinner, things got he’ated. Kim began spilling some hot accusations. Kim testifies before her kids that Kandi al’legedly offered to lick her box as the women were eating.

Shereé is extremely sh’ocked because Kandi has previously been ac’cused of being a closet le’sbian. If you recall, Porsha Williams levelled the same charges during the previous campaign. Kandi took to Twitter to respond to Kim’s claims and adamantly stated.that she never wanted to have any form of se’xual connections with Kim because she was tired of the lies, the lies. Kandi also advised Kim to quit using her kids as props for her fabrications. She dropped the mike after that by hinting that.

Kim was fabricating these stories in order to become a lifelong housewife. Kandi soon remarked that she was only a “friend of the show,” though. Then, in response, Kim said that Todd and Kandi are supposedly s’wingers. Despite their denials,

the former Atlanta housewife indicated that Kandi and Todd frequently engage in se’xual activity with other women. Kim reminded Kandi that she was one of Atlanta’s first housewives in case she had forgotten. If not for her, according to Kim,

there wouldn’t be a show. Previously, Kim and Kandi were close friends. Do you recall when Kim believed she could sing? Don’t Be Tardy For The Party, which Kandi Burruss, a Grammy winner, wrote, was a song that contributed to Kim’s measure of success in the music industry.Although the song was originally a country song, Kandi and Rodney Richard co-wrote a remix of it, just keeping the chorus from the original. Kandi made multiple attempts at the time to recover money owing to her for royalties and production writing costs.

Kim apparently didn’t give Kandi her full payment and provided a tonne of justifications. Kim also uploaded the song on “I-Tunes” without Kandi’s permission. The ladies even took Kandi to court over the song, but she lost, which wasn’t unexpected given that Phaedra Parks was Kandi’s attorney. As a result, the internet responded to the claims that Kandi is a lesbian while the ladies are hiding in their corners.


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