Her Biological Mom Is An African American Actress We’ve Loved Since The ’90s

Her Biological Mom Is An African American Actress We’ve Loved Since The ’90s

The young lady pictured above is now 31-years-old, and although she is oftentimes mistaken as being fully Caucasian, she is actually mixed with African American.

Her biological mother is an African American actress from the ’90s and if you’re from the Old School, you’re very familiar with her because she starred on a very popular television show back in the day.

When you see them side by side there is some resemblance, so we want you to take a good look at this woman and see if you can detect a lil’ bit of her Mother’s face in her’s. Scroll down to see who she is…

Who’s Her Superstar Mama?
She is the one and only Victoria Rowell a.k.a. “Drucilla Winters” from the Young and the Restless! Her daughter’s name is Maya Fahey.

Now, before we start questioning whether or not Maya is adopted, here’s the answer: Nope, Maya is not adopted, she is Victoria’s biological child. As you may know, Victoria is half African American and half Caucasian.

Maya’s father (Victoria’s ex-husband), Tom Fahey, is Caucasian. So in America, Maya’s considered Black. Victoria also had a lil’ something to say about this in a previous Twitter post, while sharing a pic of her daughter:

“My birth daughter Maya. BLACK is many shades.”

Maya has worked with her mom as an art director for some of Victoria’s independent films, according to Victoria’s online posts.

On a side note, something’s obviously wrong with America’s “one-drop-rule,” because the fact of the matter is that Maya is truly a blend of both races- not just one. But yet, she and other biracial people are forced to claim one side so society knows where to ‘place’ them…not sure if that’s really fair to biracial citizens, but that’s a whole ‘notha topic for another day. Back to Victoria Rowell and her fam’…

Victoria Rowell Also Has A Son With A Well-Known Music Legend
In case you missed our previous article on Victoria’s other child – her son, Jasper – you may be surprised to know that his father (Victoria’s former boyfriend of many years) is a very popular music artist.

Victoria Rowell has a beautiful family, and by the way, it sure would be nice seeing “Drucilla” back on The Young and the Restless again, but from the looks of it, that ain’t happening. She’s made public claims that CBS’s execs racially discriminate against people of color. After spending seventeen years on Y&R (from 1990-2007), Victoria quit the show because she was fed up with the alleged lack of racial diversity behind the scenes of the show.

In 2014, Rowell took to Twitter to voice her opinion, saying “Young & Restless on air for 40 years, loyally watched by their absolute competitive-edge audience (blacks) & not one black Exec producer?” She filed a lawsuit against the Young and the Restless in February 2015 for that very reason, so we’ll sit back and see what the outcome of that is. Check out the video below to see how Victoria went all the way off on the alleged racism she says she experienced on CBS:

Victoria knows all about the subject of blended races very well. Aside from her own interracial makeup, she had an open-minded upbringing that was doused in blended cultural and racial backgrounds. She was raised in a foster home from an infant, until the age of 18, by five different families; and she’s often talked about what it was like for her trying to find herself. She still maintains very close relationships with her many “families.” Check out some of the pics she posted of her foster family members online…


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