Harvey’s Daughter Was Angry Over What He Did To Her Fiancé When They First Begin Dating

Harvey’s Daughter Was Angry Over What He Did To Her Fiancé When They First Begin Dating

There are a lot of fathers out there who would do just about anything to secure their daughters. Steve Harvey is no various. The 61-year-old’s youngest daughter Lori got engaged last summer, but not before Steve had him via all of checked out. At the time she told yes to 23-year-old

Memphis Depay’s (pictured below) proposal, Lori was just 20 herself. And seeing as her father is a successful, multi-million dollar entertainer, who could blame Steve for desiring to make sure that the young man is legit? Steve mentioned that he had

Memphis followed which made Lori furious. But Steve is her father, not her friend, so he offered zero pardons. The young man is a pro soccer player and Steve desired to make sure that every game he played was on a field and not with Lori’s heart.

“She knows currently, but when she discovered out she was upset,” PEOPLE magazine reported. “What you trippin’ for? I’m attempting to help you. You think he cute, I don’t. You discover him attractive. The boy is just a boy to me.”

Steve went on to describe that he has standards for the kind of men that his daughters can date. They have to treat them with honor or keep it moving. “If you’re not going to behave her the way I’ve treated her, and the way I’ve treated her mother, then you can’t have her,” Steve told.

“And then I’m going to make it better” The Think Like A Man author has been to the altar a few times and knows a stuff or 2 about how players operate.He also familiar what can happen to a lady when her heart gets broken. But apparently Memphis died Steve’s tests with flying colors. He wrote on tweeter, that Lori had his blessing calling him “a good one.”


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