Halle Berry’s Sister Claims She Cut Off Black Side Of Family, Details Long Dispute

Halle Berry’s Sister Claims She Cut Off Black Side Of Family, Details Long Dispute

A few short years ago, Halle Berry’s half sister, Renee, (from Halle’s African American dad’s side) put her on blast for reportedly disowning the Black side of her family. We don’t familiar how real her sister’s allegations are, nor if they’ve since resolved it,

but her asserts are remain interesting and sparks great conversation about fame and about money possibly making folks do something strange for some swap. Renee is the daughter of Halle’s late African-American dad, Jerome and Edwina Taylor.who separated with him shortly before he began dating the actress’ mom, Judith Hawkins. However, Jerome and Judith broke up when Halle was just four years old, Renee remained ‘very close’ to the future Hollywood star while they were growing up.

in spite of cutting herself off from her dad later the divorce. Renee told: “I’m sad to say it look like she does not want anything to do with us. I have not talked to her in about 5 years. I tried to contact her via her website, to congratulate her on her Oscar, but no one got back to me.”“We would love to meet Nahla. We are desperate to understand why Halle is so saddened, why she feels she cannot be with us.” (Renee’s statement was made prior to Halle’s second kid being born). Renee asserts Halle was angry with her when she made a public plea to visit Jerome.

when he was dying from Parkinson’s Disease. In spite of Halle’s negative memories of her childhood with Jerome, Renee paints a very difficult image of their dad as a ‘good man’. She said: ‘My dad never beat any of us. He would spank us from time to time, but he never abused us. He liked a drink or two, like anyone else does, but he was not an al’coholic.’

You familiar with the Old School saying ‘Mo money, mo trouble?’ Well it certainly does apply in this lawsuit. Again, we don’t familiar what is true and what’s not, but a one thing that caught our attention is that if Halle and her sister, were as close as Renee says they were, why weren’t they ever images out together anywhere?

Sure, it’s very possible for celebs to have a personal life, but the way the paparazzi was hovering over Halle’s every solo move for so numerous years, it’s damn near impossible for the press to not have gotten a glimpse of Halle’s sister. It just looked like that would have been a very newsworthy image, given that no one’s ever really seen any of Halle’s relatives, other than her mom and two kids.


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