Halle Berry’s Child Support To ‘Racist’ Baby Daddy Gabriel Aubry Cut In HALF!

Halle Berry has had an eventful week. The actress she had a massive win in court regarding to her child support to Gabriel Aubry. Halle has a new settlement for child support, and now it’s cut in half!

When celebrities breakup, usually the more successful one gives the other child support. Naturally, in this case, Halle is definitely more successful. But that doesn’t mean it’s always a fair amount. The couple began dating in 2005 and welcomed daughter Nahla in March 2008.

Halle and Gabriel struggled to find a reasonable amount amidst several .

Up till now, Halle used to pay $16,000 in child support. Sources close to the situation told The Blast, the X-Men actress and Aubry recently negotiated a settlement in their ongoing child support case, after arguing over the amount.

So the amount is cut in half.

From now on, Halle will now pay $8,000 a month to Gabriel. She also will be giving him a retroactive support payment of $85,000 and will pay his $5,000 legal fees. In addition to the child support payments, Halle will continue to pay for her daughter’s private school tuition and her health insurance.

If her annual income exceeds $1.95 million in any given year, she must pay additional child support to Gabriel.

Going forward, Halle and Gabriel agreed to exchange annual income information, which will include complete income and expense declarations, tax returns, and profit and loss statements. After their split in 2010, the two engaged in a bitter public custody battle after their split in 2010. Their messy divorce also included racism and incest claims with a member of his family.

We are glad they managed to get to a common ground.


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