GMA3 Former Host TJ Holmes Accused Of Having Another ‘Workplace’ Affair With Show Producer, Natasha Singh Prior To Amy Robach

GMA3 Former Host TJ Holmes Accused Of Having Another ‘Workplace’ Affair With Show Producer, Natasha Singh Prior To Amy Robach

The fallout from TJ Holmes and Amy Robach’s unearth affair continues as more information about Holmes’s private life comes to the surface.

The handsome and charismatic television anchor seems well aware of his allure with the ladies and has been taking full advantage of his charm behind the scenes. He reportedly had another workplace affair prior to Robach that she was aware of.

TJ Holmes has been an established name in the media for well over a decade. He got his start with CNN as a correspondent before heading over to BET in 2011.

While there, he hosted Don’t Sleep until its cancelation in 2013. He did some work with MSNBC and CNN again before landing a role at ABC News with co-host Robach.

The pair had reportedly been eager to work together for years and were really excited to become co-anchors. He was brought on officially to GMA3: What You Need to Know in 2020. Unfortunately, as of this week, he and Robach were removed from the program following their scandal.

TJ Holmes is married, and fans believe he’s been pretty upfront about his affair, according to anniversary posts over the years. For his fourth anniversary, he confessed to not understanding why his marriage worked, while on his tenth.

he openly admitted to being a lot of work and wondering if his wife could give him another ten days, let alone ten more years. It was unclear at the time what he meant, but fans take it to be an admission of guilt that he’s been unfaithful on and off over the years.

TJ and Amy’s affair was not the cause for their show removal since the pair share the same title, and it was consensual. However, DailyMail published an article last Friday revealing that TJ did have an affair with another employee named Natasha Singh, which might be the cause for his getting benched. Ultimately, the real reason they have been pulled from the show is that producers deem the whole story distracting and want to give their audience a moment to move away from the scandal. Everyone is just hoping it all blows over.

TJ Holmes has not addressed the alleged romance with producer, Natasha Singh. The news anchor and his wife have both remained silent since the news broke.


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