Future Baby Mamas Teamed Up & Took DNA Tests With Their Kids To Prove He’s The Father

Future Baby Mamas Teamed Up & Took DNA Tests With Their Kids To Prove He’s The Father

Rapper Future constantly to make headlines for his always-expanding family. He noa has a reported 8 kids with 8 different ladies across the course of his career. Future keeps quite busy on the road and is generally accused by the lady of being an absentee father.

He’s even denied being the father to some of the children, forcing the lady to come together and discover creative ways to get proof he’s the father, even if he’s not supporting them figure it out himself. Future’s 8 baby mothers are Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, Ciara Wilson,

Joie Chavis, Eliza Seraphin, and 2 more ladies whose identities have not been made public yet. He authenticate some of the ladies recently while thanking them for the work they do for his kids on Mother’s Day, but he intentionally left a few mother out.

Despite that rare display of love, Future is generally on the ousts with these women, who often go to internet to air him out and have taken him to court many times over for kid support. Future has also refused that some of the children are his. Back during the height of the pandemic,

Future had to sit down and take a paternity test to evidence he was the dad of Eliza Seraphin’s daughter later there were initially some doubts. At the time, he was dating Lori Harvey and had denied to cooperate with Eliza, waiting instead for the court to force him to take the test.

Eliza turned around and questioned for $53,000 a month in kid support and full custody of their daughter. Eliza was one of the aforementioned mother left out of his Mother’s Day shoutout. Future just closed on a huge house on a private island in Miami, but as per court documents,

he literally “does not make a lot of money.” At least, that is what he desired everyone to believe. Future has been trying to covered some of his finances to avoid paying kid support to his several baby moms. Brittni Mealy took him to court prior this

year and asserted that his absence had been affecting their son. She questioned for an increase in kid support and told that since she was doing the bulk of the kid case, she needed more financial support. Other baby mother tried to put Future on blast later he had vi*lated their deal for financial support.

She goes online and revealed him for liking his “groceries ate,” and told he seldom cared about kid’s drama behind the scenes and just has an issue with it when it is brought to the public. The baby mom asserted she was tired of their connection being good one day and bad another day.

It’s so difficult for these ladies to coordinate anything with Future when it comes to their kids that 2 of them had to get creative when trying to prove he was the dad. Since Future denied to take a paternity test, Eliza had to help a lady Cindy

Renae Parker by letting their kids be DNA tested to see if they were siblings. The outcome proved that they 99.9999% had the same dad. Eliza and Cindy have been seen out and about with their kids on playdates since.


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