Fresh Prince Star, Alfonso Ribeiro’s, Daughter Is Grown Now: And She’s Her Pop’s Twin

Fresh Prince Star, Alfonso Ribeiro’s, Daughter Is Grown Now: And She’s Her Pop’s Twin

Did you know that Alfonso Ribeiro’s daughter resembles him exactly? She was born in 2003 to him and his ex-wife, Robin Stapler, and just celebrated her 19th birthday. It’s interesting to see Alfonso in a role other than “Carlton Banks” or the “mini-Michael Jackson”

from the Pepsi commercial from the 1980s. It’s lovely to see him with his daughter since it demonstrates his hands-on Daddy side. Alfonso had four fathers. His daughter, his first child, is an exact replica of her father. Meet Sienna, the gorgeous daughter of Alfonso.Doesn’t she resemble “Carlton Banks” in miniature? Robin Stapler, Alfonso’s first wife and an actress, is Sienna’s mother. In their marriage, which lasted from 2002 to 2006, they shared custody of Sienna. In June 2021,

Sienna Ribeiro received her high school diploma. Alfonso shared pictures of his oldest child with his mother at graduation in honour of her, among other things. He wrote the following statement as the caption for his post: My little girl Sienna recently received her high school diploma.I’m very happy. She intends to make significant life changes. She makes everyone around her happier and is intelligent, attractive, driven, humorous, and passionate. Alfonso remarried in 2012, and he and his wife, Angela Unkrich, have two small sons.

They are one huge, joyful blended family. Sienna adores her stepmother, her younger siblings, her sister Ava Sue Ribeiro, brothers Alfonso Jr. and Anders, and their parents. Speaking of Mr. and Mrs. Ribeiro, Alfonso’s wife celebrated his 50th birthday in October 2021 with a party.

He revealed the following regarding celebrating a significant birthday: I celebrated my fantastic 50th birthday one week ago tonight. I just wanted to express my gratitude to my great wife, @mrsangelaribeiro1,for organizing such a wonderful event and making it so unique. 50 completed; 50 left. Looking forward to seeing what a wonderful trip Carlton and his family have in store for them over the next 50 years.


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