Former Kid Actor Was Sh-ot & His Celebrity Friend Was Kil’led After Reportedly Being Set Up

Former Kid Actor Was Sh-ot & His Celebrity Friend Was Kil’led After Reportedly Being Set Up

Many of you are certainly familiar with Brandon Quintin Adams, a former child actor. Although he is 42 years old now, Old Schoolers would und oubtedly remember him as the young actor who portrayed a miniature Michael Jackson in the musical/movie “Moonwalk”

when it first came out. His multiple TV roles in “A Different World,” “Moesha,” “Sister, Sister,” “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and other series may also stick in our memories. Unfortunately, he and his best friend were sh*t; as a result, his friend passed away. In 2002,

Adams and his companion experienced this catastrophe, which was brought on by a thoughtless and senseless act. For their roles in Moesha, Merlin Santana and Brandon Quintin Adams are well-known. “The Cosby Show” and “The Steve Harvey” sitcoms,

had met Monique “Mercedes” King and her buddy at a Chinese restaurant one night in 2002. Santana and “Mercedes” had a mutual one-night stand that same evening. The following day, “Mercedes” apparently lied to Santana by telling two of her male friends,

Damien Gates and Brandon Bynes, that Santana had raped her because she was upset with him for not wanting to pursue a relationship with her after their one-night stand. Then again, what they did was unimaginable. The next evening,

Gates and Bynes awaited Santana and Adams’ departure from a home party. Adams and Santana noticed a red laser from a g*n flashing through the back window as soon as they got into their car, but they were too late to escape. They were swiftly ambushed by Gates and Bynes with 12 gauge sh*t g*ns.

They were sh*t, but Adams was able to flee quickly and park the car somewhere safe. When he saw Santana slumped over in his seat, he called 911, and they were taken to the hospital, where Santana tragically passed away from his let’hal gu*sh*t wounds at the age of 26.

Immediately following the 2002 mu*der of Merlin Santana, Monique “Mercedes” King appeared in court. “Celebrity Crime Files” on TV One featured her story. The second sh**ter, Bynes, received 23 years for a’ss*ult with a deadly we*pon and willful manslaughter,

while one of the sh**ters, Gates, received three consecutive life sente’nces plus 70 years in jail. Additionally, it was found that “Mercedes” had lied to Santana,

telling him she was of le’gal age while in fact she was only 15 years old. We send our sympathies to Merlin Santana’s family. We wish him well in his eternal rest and are grateful for the lovely legacy he left for us.


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