Former FBI Agent Reveals Name of Man Responsible For Biggie’s Death, Claims Suge Knight Paid Him &..

Former FBI Agent Reveals Name of Man Responsible For Biggie’s Death, Claims Suge Knight Paid Him &..

Notorious B.I.G. constantly to be an enduring figure in pop culture. The slain rapper was taken far too soon, but fans have kept his music and ho’nor alive. Num’erous constantly to hope for answers in his de’mise, which till this day, remains unsolved.

A ex FBI agent has revealed about facts surrounding Biggie’s de’mise in recent years that could bring clarity to everything. Biggie’s legacy constantly to grow and thrive. Nearly 30 years since his demise, internet has permitted fans to interact with his likeness in new and interesting ways.

Over on his publicly Facebook page, his team share that a statue of Christopher Wallace was erected at the foot of the Brooklyn bridge in his respect. The silver and gold statue shows Biggie rocking his signature Coogi sweater and a gold crown while having a golden heart and cigar.

The official announcement reads, “The interactive installation is a nine-foot structure made of stainless steel and bronze. ‘Sky’s the Limit in the County of Kings’ will remain on display via the spring of 2023.” They also posted his official Spotify Wrapped,

disclosing that Biggie has over 100 million more streams this year than the last, totaling in 873.8 million streams in 2022. Biggie fans can relate with the late rapper through a virtual reality concert being held on December 16th. The metaverse concert will also feature Diddy,

Latto, Nardo Wich, The Lox, and more. He was also in a not so far Deadpool comic book by Marvel. In spite of his enduring public appeal, the dark shadow looming over Biggie’s de’mise has always been that it remains unsolved. Notorious B.I.G was gunned down in Los Angeles many months later

Tupac Shakur was sh*t. It was believed to be tied to Pac’s demise with nu’merous suspe’cting their label heads, Sean Diddy Combs and Suge Knight, to have something to do with it. Biggie’s mother and kids have always demanded replies but never got any.

Many felt that Pac and Biggie got set up, seeing as the rivals were ex friends who looked like to get caught up in the biggest hip-hop market blitz of all time, East Coast versus West Coast. Last year, a former FBI agent with inside knowledge planned toleak details to the press about the sh**ting in wonder of bringing clarity to it all. FBI agent Phil Carson told that the shooter was a man who’s name is, Amir Muhammad, who was hired by Suge Knight. Carson worked the case for 2 years and

told that many people were added in making sure Muhammad was able to make the hit, calling the whole thing a cover-up and “the huge miscarriage of verdict in my 20-year career at the FBI.”


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