‘Five Heartbeats’ Leon Has New Career & Woman Who’s Very Different From Ex Cynthia Bailey

‘Five Heartbeats’ Leon Has New Career & Woman Who’s Very Different From Ex Cynthia Bailey

Actor, Leon Robinson, is known for man items, depending on which era you came up in. If you’re from the new school, you probably mostly learn him as the ex-boyfriend of Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Cynthia Bailey, and as the father of their daughter, Noelle.

However, most of us, Old Schoolers learn him as either J.T. from The Five Heartbeats, or as the late David Ruffin’s clone in the Temptations biopic.We also can’t forget about his role as the player boyfriend to Lela Rochon’s personality in waiting To exhale,

among numerous others. But he now has a few unique roles in his real life, there than only a devoted dad and actor. This may arrive as a surprise to numerous, but Leon is a a vocalist in his band Leon & the Peoples. They discharged a new single,

titled beautiful in 2017 and it’s even lovely dope grown folks music. Check out a snippet of it below. We learned the brotha was great at playing vocalists -in special, cocky, arrogant ones that’s not a diss, only an observation…we loved David Ruffin and his personality.

But most of us never learned he was actually a real singer…minus the arrogance. Although most of us were accustomed to noticing Leon roll solo every time he appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, he actually isn’t single.

We’ve watched Leon and Cynthia share a a truly close friendship on the show. They dated for years back in the day, and although they’d pushed on, they sometimes seemed to be so close that num’erous fans believed they still had a thing for each other.

That thought particularly rang through the minds of many during RHOA’s final season, when she and Peter Thomas were divorcing. Why? Because during one of the episodes Cynthia and Leon went on a ‘friend’ date and she confided in him about her love life he apparently low-key flirted with her.

However, there was nothing occurring between Cynthia and Leon as far as we know that he has a new woman named, Patricia, and they glance ‘crazy in love’ with each other.

Check her out below. As we’ve also seen on RHOA, not only does Cynthia and Leon have a cool friendship, but so does her ex-husband, Peter, and Leon. We didn’t know they were this cool thought check them out.


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