Fantasia’s 18 Year Old Nephew Died

Fantasia’s 18 Year Old Nephew Died

This morning, Fant’asia Barrino had to deal with the d*ath of her oldest nephew, Tyquan. Please pr’ay for my oldest nephew’s mother, my brother riccobarrino, and his stepfather. Ty Auntie is So So’rry, baby. cla’im that Fant’asia’s 18-year-old nephew

passed away from num’er’ous gn s’ht wonds on Tuesday morning as a result of a dipu’te that started in a residential complex in Greensboro, North Carolina and spil’led out into the street. the adole scent was sht during an altecation with David Lee

White Jr., age 21. White was detin’ed and chaged with fi’rst-de*ree hours after Washington passed away. He is currently being held without b’ond in the Guilford County Ja’il, Ricco, Fant’asia’s musician brother, was the father of Tyquan, also

known as T.W. As a result of not seeing T.W. on Tuesday morning as usual and learning that he had passed away, Ricco clai’med to be in total dis belief. Fant’asia’s family has had a difficult time lately because Xavier, Fant’asia’s brother, has also spent months in the hospital

reco’vering from a ser’ious motorcycle in’ju*y. I wanted you to know that, in a letter from Barrino. My first memory of holding you was the moment I realized I needed to do something other than work in a factory so that one day you could look up to me, he continued. On his kid’s birthday,

the musician expressed his pride in him, telling everyone in the recording studio that his son is now mat’uring into a man. There wasn’t a day that went by when I didn’t wo’rry where you were since I wanted to be there for you every day, he wrote. So when you donned

a pair of wings and accomplished what I have yet to do, you grew as a man on this particular day. So you demonstrate your leadership abilities to me.


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