How do the Emmy Awards really work? We want to know the answer to that question, as do millions of other Dick Gregory and Charlie Murphy supporters. In case you missed it (9-17-17), here are some reasons why people are upset about the Emmy Awards 2017.

In Memoriam, a portion of their programme, honored the iconic public figures we have recently lost this year. They recognized several people in that lovely tribute, including comedian and actor Jerry Lewis, actors John Heard and Adam West, and Roger Ailes,the founder of Fox Network. They easily overlooked Dick Gregory, a humorous actor and civil rights pioneer, and Charlie Murphy, a comedy actor. They also failed to include stars Harry Dean and Frank Vincent.

The date of all of their deaths is the single factor that makes Gregory and Murphy’s omission appear to have been “conveniently” omitted while Vincent and Dean’s passing does not. Because Vincent and Dean passed away less than a week after the show,there is a chance that the Emmys did not intend for them to be left out of the programme. Additionally, there is a chance that production did not have enough time to include them. However, there is no logical justification.

we can factor in there regarding timing and production given that Dick Gregory died on August 19 and Charlie Murphy died on April 12. The shocking part is that Jerry Lewis and Dick Gregory passed away on the same day.

In actuality, Lewis died a day after Gregory. Therefore, if it isn’t a huge, obvious red sign, we’re not sure what is. Following the conclusion of the Emmys’ “In Memorium” section, people immediately criticised the programme and pointed out the obvious. Rapper Common counted himself among them.One viewer commented, “I was watching the lovely “remembering those that passed gone” segment of the Emmys and it seems like they forgot Dick Gregory & Charlie Murphy.” Gregory and Murphy both “qualify” to be a part of the Emmy’s programme because,

like their fellow deceased actors, they both had roles in TV shows at some point. Gregory starred in Reno 911! And Wonder Showzen, and Murphy appeared on The Chappelle Show, Black Jesus, The Boondocks, and other shows.

The entire situation is therefore dubious. But in all honesty, the only thing that matters is that the contributions that each of the celebrities who were omitted from the memoriam have made will always be remembered by their devoted admirers.