Fans Call Tammy Hembrow’s Huge Photoshop Fail

Fans Call Tammy Hembrow’s Huge Photoshop Fail

The fitness influencer, 28 year old, shared a series of pictures promoting her latest collection from her activewear brand Saski. Tammy did many poses in a black bodysuit that had an open back and a black far-sleeve shrug. But eagle-eyed followers were

sudden to point out her reflection in the window looked very various to her figure in the pictures. ‘You forgot to edit the reflection,’ one Instagram user wrote in a comment box. ‘Mirrors and windows don’t lie unfortunately,’ another mentioned.

Another user blasted the influencer and called her untrustworthy: ‘I never thought you edited your pictures until today ! What a shame! Seriously don’t trust anyone now.’ ‘This weird photoshop obsession needs to stop,’ one fan even wrote through Reddit.

The only stuff I do is really whiten my eyes a tiny, tiny bit, and then sometimes some smoothing if the skin is breaking out,’ she told on her podcast Hanging With The Hembrows. ‘It’s so annoying to me, when I get people commenting being like “oh Photoshop fail.

When people tell I edit my body – I’m really just on the side angle, that’s how my body looks.’ Tammy greetings her 3rd kid, daughter Posy, with former-fiancé Matt Poole on June 19. She’s also mom to son Wolf, 6, and daughter Saskia, 5,

from her connection with former-fiancé Reece Hawkins. Less than 2 weeks later giving birth, Tammy revealed her slim and toned post-baby body on Instagram. She described she ‘stayed as active as possible’ before and during her pregnancy.

Last year, Tammy made her debut on the AFR’s Young Rich List which ranks the wealthiest Australians aged 40 and under. The model is ranked 96th with an estimated net worth of $38 million

and has two fitness-regarding companies, Saski Collection and Tammy Fit. She also boasts 13.4million followers on instagram and 1.31 million subscribers on YouTube.


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