Fans Bring Up Angela Simmons After Romeo Shares Photo of Daughter- Gone Viral

‘Bout Time You and Bow Wow Get Over Angela’: Fans Bring Up Angela Simmons After Romeo Shares Photo of Daughter.

Romeo Miller posted new images of his daughter on Instagram on March 14, in honor of the infant turning a month old.

In the upload, Miller, who welcomed a daughter with his girlfriend of two years, Drew Sangster, shared intimate moments of “Baby R,” including photos of the pair sleeping as they rested in what appears to be the former reality star’s residence.

Miller expressed in the caption how much his life has changed since his daughter came into the world. He wrote, “1 month with my angel Baby R. I’ve lived more life with you than I’ve did in my entire life. You make daddy a better man twin. Te amo mi ángel. #MyHeart.”

As the 32-year-old’s post circulated online, fans couldn’t help but bring up Miller’s former flame Angela Simmons. Many communicated how happy they were to see Miller move on after all that transpired between the pair.

Although Miller and Simmons never officially dated, they did, however, develop a close bond that was showcased on “Growing Up Hip Hop.” In 2018, Miller and Simmons entertained the idea of a relationship with each other.

Still, it never transpired because that same year, the duo began publicly feuding after Simmons’ ex-fiancé and the father of her son, Sutton Tennyson, was murdered.

Simmons claimed the dispute stemmed from the rapper not being there for her, as he previously stated.

“So glad he moved on from Angela.”

“Bout time you and Bow Wow get over Angela.”

“He deserves this and wish him many more babies. Angela fumbled with him.”

“Glad he moved on from Angela she is very self-absorbed.”

“Finally… soo happy he’s moved on from Angela and actually got someone that wants the same thing he does ‘with him.’”

In addition to the remarks relating to Angela Simmons, others mentioned how strong Miller’s genes were when comparing “The Mix” host and his daughter’s similar features. One wrote, “She looks just like him.” Another said, “Awww, she is his twin.”

A third person posted, “Them Miller Gene’s are strong as hell! She’s a cutie patootie!!”


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