Family Matters Jaleel White Breaks Down Over Deceased Co-Star Michelle Thomas

Family Matters Jaleel White Breaks Down Over Deceased Co-Star Michelle Thomas

Family Matters ruled Friday nights on ABC for much of the 1990s. Most viewers are likely to never forget the show because it was full of memorable moments. Naturally, the majority of Family Matters viewers will recall “Steve Urkel’s” fascination with “Laura Winslow”

and how his unique relationship with the “Winslow family” was one of the most enduring aspects of the programme. However, most people will undoubtedly concur that his bond with the stunning “Myra Monkhouse,” played by actress Michelle Thomas, was equally special.Although it appeared like “Urkel” and “Myra,” two people who looked to be made for one other, would have a happily ever after, regrettably, Michelle Thomas’s life didn’t turn out the way most people would have anticipated.

Michelle died in 1998 not long after receiving a cancer diagnosis. Many fans still find her passing to be unbelievable, and Jaleel White supposedly still finds it difficult to deal with. Jaleel made an appearance on Tyler Henry’s programme Hollywood Medium.

If you haven’t watched the episode, you can watch clips where Henry allegedly demonstrates his psychic skills. Jaleel and Tyler Henry had a reading on the programme. It was more the connection and sadness Jaleel still feels today after losing his lovely companion and coworker,

Michelle Thomas, than the idea that Henry and Michelle had some sort of afterlife cosmic link. Jaleel was moved to tears because it was so intense. Tyler enquired. September birthday, unexpected death, E-L-L-E… No Google? But Jaleel resisted giving in.

Tyler said to Jaleel, This is embarrassing, I don’t even recognize you. Based on what transpired next, Jaleel appeared to have started believing Henry: Don’t worry about that aspect. That section will be covered later. That you don’t know who I am makes me happy.

Then Jaleel started crying. Regarding Michelle Thomas, you are speaking. She was my former Family Matters co-star, and she passed very suddenly from stomach cancer. She had several acquaintances who worked in the music business.

He clarified. Jaleel continued to discuss Michelle in more detail while leaving him perplexed. Get going, man. When Michelle Thomas received the unusual diagnosis of an intra-abdominal desmoplastic small-round cell tumour in August 1997,

her life was irrevocably altered. She had surgery to remove the lemon-sized tumour in the spring of 1998, just before landing a part on The Young and the Restless. In addition, White clarified the situation of the anticipated Netflix revival and emphasized that the Entertainment Weekly filming was unpaid.

Reunions of any kind may be challenging occasions, largely because of timing, he said. Your day would always be made better by Michelle’s grin, and I will always miss my vivacious 1968–1998 Myra Monkhouse, #RIP. Greetings, Michelle.


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