Erykah Badu Reveals New Relationship

Erykah Badu Reveals New Relationship

Erykah Badu is well-versed in the subject of love. Several of the R&B legend’s high-profile relationships are mentioned in her extensive collection of love songs. Badu is a lover, and the “Honey” hit maker is looking to celebrate her new relationship.

Let’s look at the men who were fortunate enough to court the quirky diva and their unique backstories before we discuss her new beau. Initially, Andre 3000 of Outkast was thought to be Erykah Badu’s boyfriend. A 90s hipster match made in heaven,Badu and the “Hey Ya” hitmaker. According to rumours, Erykah and Andre connected after listening to her popular song “On and On” together one night at a club somewhere between 1995 and 1996. The “Hello” couple’s romance quickly grew, and they soon welcomed their first child together.

In 1998, seven was born. Sadly, by that time, mum and dad had already arrived. André 3000 famously composed the smash Outkast tune “Mrs. Jackson” about having to inform Erykah Badu’s mother about their breakup after Badu and 3000 parted ways.

Over the years, they appear to have managed to raise their kid amicably while continuing to work together on music and express their love for one another. The pleased couple raised their son so well that, in 2016, he was accepted into four colleges.

The fact that Badu would later romance another rapper seemed to be a recurring pattern in her life. Soon after, she and Chicago MC Common started dating. A hallmark song for the two, “Love of My Life (Ode to Hip-Hop)” was the result of their partnership.The union lasted from 2000 to 2002, or roughly two years. Common has stated publicly that this breakup was extremely difficult for him because he was unable to speak for several days after they broke up.
Early in the new millennium,

The D.O.C. and Badu would fall in love. Puma is a daughter that Badu and D.O.C. had together. Despite the short lifespan of the couple, they performed a fantastic job of coparenting. From 2004 to 2009, Erykah Badu and Electronica were romantically involved.

Their child is named Mars Mekeba. In a recent profile for Rolling Stone, Badu spoke with Summer Walker about her affection for her ex-boyfriends and the dads of her children. Andre 3000 was praised by Badu, who referred to him as one of her closest friends on earth.

Her youngest love is also Badu’s newest. The single mother of three celebrated her relationship with JaRon The Secret today on social media. Photos of Badu and JaRon smiling and cuddling up to each other in the “dump” end with a picture of their hands holding identical green rings. Following her Instagram post, Badu announced her new relationship while criticizing many publications that had mentioned her age.


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