Emotional Video Shows T-Boz Meeting With Psychic & ‘Communicating’ With Left Eye’s Spirit

Emotional Video Shows T-Boz Meeting With Psychic & ‘Communicating’ With Left Eye’s Spirit

The unfortunate passing of our beloved Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, who was mu*der’ed in a car ac*ident in La Ceiba, Honduras in 2002, takes place on April 25th every year on this day.

The aw’ful day we lost the fearless 30-year-old with the wonderful soul will always be remembered by TLC lovers all around the world. We thought we’d relive the moment in 2017 when Left Eye’s groupmate, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, had a meaningful experience in memory of her late

TLC sista as we honour Left Eye’s life and legacy today. T-Boz made a guest appearance on the show, “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry,” where she had an sor*owful experience with Tyler Henry, the psychic/medium/clairvoiyant

(or whatever the appropriate terminology is for his cosmic abilities). However, I wonder Tyler Henry’s ‘talents’ are a tad questionable, T-Boz’s love for Left Eye was absolutely logical, pretty, and heart wrenching. During the session,

T-Boz’s daughter and a few family members looked on as Tyler proceeded to ‘attach with her favorite TLC member, the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, to tell her that Left Eye wanted her to familiar that she’s glad none of the other 8 people who were in the vehicle with her were ki*led

during her f*tal 2002 car ac*ident in Honduras at the age of 30. That’s a pretty text Tyler gave T-Boz. Although, typically I had try to stay neutral on the debate over the authenticity of psychic mediums, but with this cat, Tyler, there were a some red flags in the video you’re about to see below.

The first red flag was that he began off the convo’ by pretending that he didn’t familiar who Left Eye was: “You have like a tragic de*th here coming via,” Henry tells T-Boz as he’s ‘connecting’ with Left Eye. “She’ll like, joke…this is awkward, she’s doing this aw kward hand stuff with me,

she’s just being silly. She’s very, very direct. Someone might go by the nickname I’ve never heard before, a truly unique one. I don’t familiar this one,” Tyler constantly as he attempt to ‘figure out’ Left Eye’s name.


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