Ellen Surprises This Hero Bus Driver Mom Who Saved 20 Kids From Burning Bus

Ellen Surprises This Hero Bus Driver Mom Who Saved 20 Kids From Burning Bus

Being a bus driver of a kid’s school bus is one of the most responsible works where the driver needs to ensure the safety of all the kids as well as other passengers.

It is the duty of the bus driver to keep all the kids and other passengers safe and comfortable, from picking them up to dropping them again at their homes.


For every bus driver and kid’s parents, an ac**dent on the bus is the worst nightmare. The bus ac**de!t can put the lives of the kids in d**ger, and thus, there is always a need for a responsible bus driver who can ensure the proper safety of the kids. And, Renita Smith proved that she is actually a most responsible and brave bus driver.

It was a regular Monday when Renita smith, like usual, dropped the kids at their homes, and she was on her final round for picking up kids from Robert Goddard Elementary School and Glendarden woods school.

She noticed her brake bu**ing after she dropped the children on the third stop. After that, she decided to visit the closest stoplight. But suddenly, one of the kids screamed that there was something that smelled like bu**ing.

Smith calms the kids saying that she is just going to call the transportation assistant. But before she was done calling the transportation assistant, she found that the entire bus was on f**e. It was so sudden, and the flames were getting high.

Smoke was all around there, creating a situation of panic. Instead of panicking out, Smith acts with brain and bravery. She opened the door, calmed the kids, guided them not to panic, and assisted them in getting out of the bus.

Renita smith herself stayed calm and instructed the same to kids not to p**ic. She showed her heroic act, opened the bus door, and helped the kids to get out of the bu**ing bus safely. Seeing the burning bus, the public started gathering there, but all of them were afraid to go close to the bus. A neighbor assisted Renita in getting the kids out safely.

There was smoke all around, and the situation was actually sc!ry, but it did not stop Smith from going into the bu**ing bus. Despite the terrifying situation, Smith went inside the bu**ing bus to check each and every seat to confirm that none of the kids got stuck inside the bu**ing bus.

Her h!ro** act was witnessed by many peoples, and she started receiving appreciation for her bravery. While in her interview with AFSCME, Renita Smith said that this a**id!nt reminded her of another a!cide** where she lost her son. This is why she ri!!ed her life for giving the unharmed kids to their parents.

Impressed by her bravery, Ellen invited Smith to her show on 5th Oct. There Ellen came to know that Smith is living check to check. Amazed by her he**ic act, Ellen surprised Smith with a $20,000 check. The surprise for Smith did not end here. In her hometown, all her saved kids with their families and some government officers united and thanked her for her bravery.

Source & Credit: newsflooring.com


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